March 2024 NFT Document

The NFT world has built many fortunes by lifting them up with noteworthy earnings! 2024 is deemed to be the year that can bring motivate the NFTs. As we know, despite the slack originate in 2023, NFTs revived within the closing quarter of the year. The bullish crypto market and SEC’s Bitcoin ETF approval resulted in the weekly trading volumes crossing $500 million in December 2023. 

By diagram of the present scenario, the NFT market in 2024 is expected to be definite attributable to the crypto market’s performance, its utility in assorted niches, and mainstream adoption by veteran manufacturers. 2024 is foreseen as a year stuffed with tall changes and hundreds contemporary traits when it involves Non-fungible Tokens. This document by Coinpedia covers every minor switch within the NFTs in March 2024. Allow us to dive in!

Key Findings

  • NFT sales quantity has dropped by 4% for the reason that starting of March. 
  • There has been a decline within the performance of Blue-Chip NFTs.
  • Main NFT market OpenSea is closing March with a decline in its month-to-month sales quantity.
  • NFT sales on OpenSea within the closing 28 days discover totalled $147 million, showing a 4% decline from the $153 million in February. Alternatively, Blur changed into out to be the chief when it involves market part in March 2024.
  • March 2024 represents the OpenSea platform’s lowest month-to-month person count since July 2021.
  • There has been a fixed descend within the amount of energetic NFT wallets and of us bright to put money into NFTs. 25,700 energetic wallets were recorded closing week, 72 per cent less than in March closing year.
  • Total NFT sales recorded on some platforms generated an aggregated value of $245 (Dh900) million on March 20, one-third of the value viewed on the same date closing year, whereas the final quantity of sales plunged from practically 200,000 to just 52,000.
  • Hybrid NFTs, RAW tokenisation, Gaming NFTs, Ordinals, and Phygital NFTs designate the evolution and maturation of the NFT condominium. 

Market Overview : NFTs in March 2024

In 2024, the NFT landscape is evolving as a contemporary utility thought displaces old college traits. The NFT market cap on March 31, 2024, used to be $76.61 billion USD. 

  • The NFT market saw a limited downtime at some level of the closing week of March.
  • As of March 28, Azuki ranked because the day’s finest performer with $1.3 million in sales. Froganas’ sales increased by 114% to above $1 million.
  • Bitcoin has topped the non-fungible token (NFT) market in sales performance on March 28, with a limited decrease of 0.06% in sales. The blockchain registered US$11.89 million in sales, with a minor switch in its all-time sales quantity, affirming a right market presence.
  • JIGO BRC-20 NFTs, a Bitcoin-primarily primarily based series, led closing week of March’s NFT series rankings with almost US$2 million.
  • Mid-March saw Bitcoin domination within the NFT market with an 86% sales develop, recording over $22.2 million.
  • Bitcoin now has US$2.989 billion in all-time NFT sales. The blockchain is on slide to shut the trading week by becoming a member of the US$3 billion club.
  • Ethereum and Solana followed, ranking 2nd and third, respectively, but with extra considerable fluctuations of their sales figures.
  • Ethereum fell out of the cease dwelling within the closing week of March after a sales decrease of 13.72% to US$10.16 million. Solana’s 24.forty five% sales develop used to be now not ample to overhaul the slumping Ethereum, as it came in third with US$8.18 million.
  • Polygon persevered raising its on every day foundation total with US$1.5 million, the 2nd consecutive day of at least US$1 million in sales.
  • Mythos Chain failed to observe Polygon’s lead as it fell below the US$1 million designate it reached on March 27.
  • The gaming sector has gentle become a predominant participant within the NFT traits. 
  • Starbucks released the news of the Odyssey Beta NFT program in mid-March.
  • Bitcoin Ordinals NFT pastime soared as NodeMonkes recorded a fifty three% surge in ground attach.

Vital Projects in NFT Spot

The NFT document by Coinpedia has shed light on the major traits by analysing assorted loyal sources to assemble that myth of NFTs in March 2024!

4.1. Top NFT Blockchains in March

  • Bitcoin

Market part: $1,735,764,187

The Top 3 NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain in March 2024 changed into out to be:

              NFTs             Market Cap
NodeMonkes             5,190 BTC          $366,025,456
Bitcoin Puppets             2,398 BTC          $169,177,104
Runestone              5,339 BTC          $376,624,947 
  • Ethereum

Market part: $10,140,708,543

In the direction of the cease of March, Ethereum NFT sales rose 5.21% to US $11 million to book the market, whereas Bitcoin had a 16% traipse on March 30, 2024.

Source: The Block

  • Solana

Market part: $727,825,190

Solana ranked third within the NFT blockchain class, and skilled a 21.58% sales descend to US $5.30 billion within the closing week of March. 

  • Solana had two initiatives, Angry Lads and Froganas, within the cease 10 series rankings on Friday, with each and each initiatives recording below US$1 million.
  • Mythos, fourth within the ranking, confirmed a definite model with a 10.71% develop in sales, reaching US$1.08 million within the closing 24 hours.
  • Most of Mythos sales came from the DMarket series, which represents in-sport NFTs and virtual objects in its community, which had the third-most realistic seemingly series sales on March 29 with US$1.06 million.

4.2. Top NFTs by Market Cap

Listed below are some trending NFTs in March 2024 and which would perhaps per chance function tall in April 2024 as neatly:

      NFT     Ground Impress       Market Cap
Forganas 2.57 SOL 14,299 SOL$2,807,475
Bored Ape Yacht Membership 11.76 ETH 117,616 ETH$426,386,958
Plump Penguins 14.00 ETH 124,423 ETH$451,062,605
Mutant Ape Yacht Membership 2.08 ETH 40,461 ETH$146,681,368
Azuki 4.43 ETH 44,285 ETH$160,543,279
Persona 0.37 ETH 3,323 ETH$12,046,422
NodeMonkes 0.52 BTC 5,190 BTC$366,025,456
Angry Lads 133.71 SOL 1,332,603 SOL$261,652,039
Milady Maker 3.46 ETH 34,514 ETH$125,120,890
Lil Pudgys 1.15 ETH 24,844 ETH$90,064,777

Top Marketplaces for NFTs in March 2024

The cease NFT marketplaces which led within the month of March, 2024 are mentioned below:

Title Market Portion
Blur 61.91%
Blur Aggregator 30.11%
OpenSea 4.50%
Gem 1.90%
X2Y2 0.69%
Sudoswap 0.27%
Manifold 0.26%
Looksrare 0.12%
Foundation 0.10%
Rarible Aggregator 0.08%

Blur closed in March 2024 because the main marketplace for NFTs, with a market part of 61.91%. 

As Q1 2024 is ready to shut in just one other month, right here are a few traits which would perhaps per chance be expected in 2024 when it involves NFTs:

  • AI-curated NFT Collections

Man made intelligence or AI, is showing an energetic feature within the curation of NFT collections. To create individualized and visually attention-grabbing NFT collections, AI algorithms are integrated to seek customer preferences, selections, and historical data. Thru the provision of an increasing sort of specialised and pertinent enviornment cloth, this model improves person engagement. It’ll be the following tall thing within the NFT condominium in 2024.

  • Gaming Tokenization

One of many major gamers within the NFT traits is gentle the gaming sector. Video games are creating commendable cybernetic economies as a results of the continuing strategy of tokenization of accurate property, characters, and other indispensable sources. This pattern helps users and sport producers alike, and it also helps to develop using NFT within the accurate world. Build you compromise that video games are a actually powerful ingredients NFTs gentle protect?

  • Defi NFT Integration

NFTs are an increasing sort of being built-in with decentralized finance (DeFi) methods. As a consequence of this tendency, users can exhaust NFTs as evidence for mortgages, solvency provisions, and other DeFi operations. Within the digital currency ecosystem, current monetary probabilities are being made doable by the convergence of NFTs and DeFi.

These traits could shape the NFT condominium pretty neatly in 2024!


NFT and crypto condominium are evolving with days and 2024 is continuously a transformative year for the same. Coinpedia has assembled your total indispensable particulars to present the analytical document on NFTs in 2024. These month-to-month stories are a gist of what form of construction takes web website within the world of digital sources on an day to day foundation.

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