‘Golden Bachelor’ Stars Gerry Turner, Major other Theresa Nist Living Individually

But Quiet Head Over Heels!!!

Gerry Turner and his partner Theresa Nist are for the time being living in separate states — but despite the gap, the sun is now not surroundings on their relationship … truly, it’s pretty the opposite.

Sources shut to the ‘Golden Bachelor’ stars disclose TMZ the couple — who married in a ‘Golden Wedding’ particular on Jan. 4 — are doing the lengthy-distance ingredient, with Gerry chilling at his Northern Indiana lake house while Theresa’s over in Fresh Jersey.

We’re suggested there are a pair of explanation why they haven’t taken the jump to reside together honest but … and a amount of it has to develop with the very fact that shifting is a entire and total danger.

For starters … we’re suggested they’ve every received their very occupy established homes of their respective states, and shifting every thing into one pad could per chance be time-ingesting.

No longer honest that … but Theresa’s restful working in NJ and has but to make a decision on what she’s going to develop about her job as a compliance officer. Also, Gerry and Theresa are immense shut to their very occupy households, and our sources command shifting away from both could per chance be difficult for them.

Any other key ingredient … they’re restful mulling over where to plant their love nest, but we’re suggested they’re eyeing Charleston, SC as a lawful heart floor, in particular with Theresa’s son and grandchildren in that station. That said, they’re restful undecided.

Whereas it’d sound enjoy they are now not on the equivalent page here, our sources affirm they’re restful madly in love and deserve to form the marriage work.

Of route, we’re suggested this present lengthy-distance affiliation works for them. They salvage got considered every varied so a lot of times … and they form it a precedence to form visits. He’s been to Jersey as soon as or twice, and Theresa’s planning to switch to Indiana subsequent month.

At some level, we’re suggested, they’ll make a choice up this discovered.

Gerry popped the quiz to Theresa for the length of the finale of “The Golden Bachelor” closing year. It has been some time since that occurred, even supposing … and even now, they’re technically apart.

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