Eisai’s Mind Health Self-Take a look at Application “NouKNOW” is Certified as “ME-BYO BRAND” by Kanagawa Prefecture

Eisai’s Mind Health Self-Take a look at Application “NouKNOW” is Certified as “ME-BYO BRAND” by Kanagawa Prefecture

TOKYO, Mar 29, 2024 – (JCN Newswire) – Eisai Co., Ltd. presented on the fresh time that “NouKNOW®”, Eisai’s self-test tool for brain health, became once licensed as a “ME-BYO BRAND” by Kanagawa prefecture.


“ME-BYO BRAND”, is a certification granted to pleasing merchandise/companies linked to pre-symptomatic ailments by Kanagawa Prefectural Authorities to be in a position to take consciousness in the direction of pre-symptomatic ailments and promote commercialization of endorsed merchandise/companies. It recognizes merchandise/companies that make a contribution to the visualization of pre-symptomatic ailments within the areas of standard of living, existence capabilities, mental health/stress, and cognitive characteristic, which lead to changes within the consciousness and habits of Kanagawa prefecture residents.

“NouKNOW”, a Self-Take a look at Application for Mind Health

NouKNOW (non-scientific tool) is a tool that uses a easy card test the use of a PC, tablet or smartphone tool to diagram checks evaluating psychomotor characteristic, consideration, learning and reminiscence, and working reminiscence. The consequences hide displays quantified indicators of brain performance, equivalent to “memorization”, “cognition”, and “resolution”, along with standard of living advice. This digital tool permits users to self-assess independently and in a brief while frame (approx. quarter-hour), enabling traditional assessments in circumstances equivalent to day-to-day existence and health checkups. It has been adopted by a replacement of scientific and examine institutions, municipalities, corporations and universities. It is expected that use of this tool to diagram traditional self-checks of brain health will become one more to abet the generation currently in their top working years to develop a appropriate working out of brain health and ailments, as wisely as to rethink day-to-day standard of living, bigger preventive measures, and session with scientific doctors and loads of healthcare experts.

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*The motive of this tool is now not to prevent or diagnose disease, nonetheless to take consciousness of brain health thru traditional checks.

Eisai will collaborate with local governments one day of Japan to receive a neighborhood the receive voters are attentive to and test their brain health from the stage the receive they are healthy, aiming to label a “Dementia-Inclusive Society” the receive everyone can are dwelling their lives how they prefer.

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