LUMIÈRES JéJé’s Recent Lunch is a Spring Symphony

As frigid climate fades into memory and the brilliant hues of spring emerge, LUMIÈRES JéJé‘s unusual lunch menu unveils a enticing array of flavors to agree with an even time the awakening of nature.

Aptly named 伴天光 – Accompanying the Daylight – successfully-known chef JéJé brings forth a culinary symphony, the build every dish mirrors the exuberance of the season. 

Salt crust baked celeriac, butternut pumpkin and dim truffle

Wrapped in a salt crust cocoon and baked to perfection for 90 minutes, the celeriac exhibits its appetizing essence, harmonizing with the swish sweetness of butternut pumpkin.

This seemingly easy combination is elevated by the addition of dim truffle, infusing the dish with affluent, earthy aromas, earning its title because the ‘Flower of the Earth.’

Foie gras terrine, green pistachio, pineapple jelly

In a fulfilling twist, pistachios reveal their nutty aroma and refined floral notes in a classic foie gras terrine. 

Paired with the refreshing tang of pineapple jelly, and served with pistachio bread, this dish is similar to a light-weight race on a spring day, invigorating the senses with its richness and freshness.

Slack cooked iced oyster, mint, lychee granita

Mint-infused lychee granita cradles unusual oysters, increasing a picturesque scene harking back to a tranquil spring garden.

The frigid, refreshing model accentuates the oyster’s natural brininess, offering a small landscape of oceanic flavors that captivate the palate.

Pigeon, foie gras, parsnips and toddler corn bamboo

As nature reawakens, LUMIÈRES JéJé pays homage to the abundance of the season with a dish that marries the flavors of pigeon and foie gras with parsnips and toddler corn bamboo.

Every ingredient is meticulously willing, showcasing the diverse and harmonious essence of springtime.

Plum wine jelly and raspberry sorbet

One amongst LUMIÈRES JéJé’s most cherished cakes, 春藏2024 – Spring’s Secret 2024 – receives a brilliant makeover this season.

With an abundance of berries, raspberry chocolate crisps, and a whisk of peach essence, this dessert is a veritable garden of sweetness.

The plum wine jelly and raspberry sorbet, corresponding to quiet purple blossoms, exude an full of life Japanese charm that lingers prolonged after the final bite.

A Stir By draw of Springtime


At LUMIÈRES JéJé, eating becomes a bound by the ever-changing landscape of spring, every dish a testament to the sweetness and bounty of the season.

From the earthy richness of truffles to the swish sweetness of raspberries, every bite is an invite to contain the warmth and vitality of springtime.

So, why wait?

Spoil your senses and embark on a culinary adventure at LUMIÈRES JéJé this day. 

When: Weekdays, 11am-2pm

Label: 2-route menu RMB298*; 3-route menu RMB358*

Reservations: 021 3891 8299; 133 9118 2339

*Costs self-discipline to 15% carrier price

LUMIÈRES JéJé 光之辑, Room 300, 3/F, Plaza 66, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu Road 市南京西路1266号恒隆广场3楼300号.

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