Sean Strickland vs. Bryce Hall? Ex-UFC champ turns consideration to but any other influencer

What prevail in Jake Paul, Sneako, and Bryce Hall have in standard besides being influencers?

Smartly, they’ve all change into most original targets of former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Friday, Strickland did preserve benefit in opposition to Sneako in a sparring session that resembled more of an unofficial wrestle. Hours later, Strickland engaged in a difference with Paul, whole with quasi-death threats.

Now, Hall is in the highway of fireplace of Strickland’s violent fantasies after a sparring teach was once issued by the YouTube and TikTok famous person.

“It’s roughly f*cked up,” Hall no longer too lengthy ago informed Interior Combating when asked about Strickland’s beatdown of Sneako. “I would savor to spar with Sean Strickland. … I feel he is roughly degrading influencers who’re attempting to gain into the combating situation.

“When you’re an experienced fighter, a former champion at that, that you simply would possibly well perhaps peaceable in no plan plod into a spar with any person that has shrimp-to-no boxing ride and try to knock him out. Dana, space me up with Sean Strickland. I prefer to prevail in a spar. I guarantee I would crack Sean Strickland. … He’d crack me, nonetheless I’m able to crack.”

Investigate cross-test the stout genesis and evolution of the Strickland vs. Hall saga below.

Strickland takes fair

You all wanna test out a boring physique??? God that is basically the easiest ingredient I’ve ever wanted…. Please please I in no plan put a ask to you for anything else….. please!!!

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) February 12, 2024

Strickland prays for violence

I’m so in unfortunate health of these fucks, did no longer know this man existed till the replacement evening…. Please Jesus give me the flexibility no longer to gain a case if I ever test out this maggot of a man in person. @BryceHall

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) February 12, 2024

Correct hands

Sean CTE Strickland is angry that I haven’t sparred him in boxing but. Tbh certain, that you simply would possibly well perhaps perchance harm me if we had been doing MMA ( which we’re no longer ) nonetheless if we most efficient expend our hands there’s nothing that’s spectacular about you. I’m all in

— Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) February 12, 2024


The same supply is on the desk….. come to Vegas. I’ll come up with a plight.. me and likewise you…. let’s plod…. we’ll have the option to bring a gopro…. these influencers are maggots

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) February 12, 2024

‘I will hang a fragment of you’

And to be obvious weren’t going to spar….. I will hang a fragment of you……… Wooded space are no longer there. That is no longer pleasant I will hang a fragment of you…. send space. Or no longer it’s that straightforward……. carried out deal… gloves, no gloves.. idc

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) February 12, 2024

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