AEW Collision Results: Winners, Reside Grades, Reaction, Highlights From Feb. 10

AEW Collision Results: Winners, Reside Grades, Reaction, Highlights From Feb. 10

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    Welcome to Bleacher Declare’s are dwelling protection of AEW Collision on February 10.

    As we derive conclude to Revolution on March 3, AEW has begun ramping up its storylines that can result in matches on the pay-per-look.

    Here is a sight on the card that changed into marketed main into the sign:

    • Megastar Jr. and Esfinge vs. Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli
    • Orange Cassidy vs. Tomohiro Ishii
    • Toni Storm vs. Queen Aminata
    • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan
    • Mark Briscoe vs. Brody King

    Let’s rob a sight at all the pieces that came about on Saturday’s sign.


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    Collision unfolded with “Wild Component” playing within the sphere as Moxley and Castagnoli made their map thru the gang for the outlet match towards Megastar Jr. and Esfinge from CMLL.

    Mox and Megastar started the match with a identical old headlock takeover that resulted in a different of holds and counters.

    The first loads of minutes of this bout were surprisingly methodical. The luchadors barely even tried to leave their toes at some stage within the most necessary 10 minutes. They were mighty extra targeted on floor offense, which made this bout feel mighty extra technical than the trios match BCC had with three varied CMLL abilities this week.

    This also can merely no longer had been as animated because the trios bout on Dynamite, but in many ways, it changed into higher. Having four opponents as a substitute of six allowed them to each and every stand out a chunk extra while furthermore telling a extra cohesive story.

    After a bunch of elbow strikes, Moxley changed into ready to invent Megastar tap out to derive the win. The susceptible AEW champion grabbed a mic and issued a warning to any crew that desired to step up to BCC, which resulted in FTR coming out. It took decrease than 10 seconds within the ring together ahead of a fight broke out.

    Consequence: BCC defeated CMLL

    Grade: B+

    Well-known Moments and Observations

    • Mox ought to build on one in all the BCC shirts with cute animals on them factual because it’d be droll. 
    • Moxley is technically sound but does things in a model that appears to be extra sensible and never more rehearsed. It be a hard steadiness to strike. 
    • Megastar Jr. undoubtedly stood out in this match. He changed into comfortable and hit each and every switch with precision. 
    • Esfinge’s screen is prominent. It be very distinctive. 
    • The system Castagnoli caught Megastar and dropped him into a cutter from Mox changed into awesome. 

Daniel Garcia vs. Shane Taylor

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    Daddy Magic accompanied Daniel Garcia to the ring while Lee Moriarty got right here out with Shane Taylor for this gradual addition to the card.

    Crimson Loss of life surprised Taylor a chunk by controlling the scamper with a few submissions early on, but one plentiful punch from Taylor made him rethink his technique.

    From that point, Garcia changed into help to being the underdog. Taylor ancient his measurement and energy to dominate each time he also can, but Garcia refused to present up and kept attempting to derive help into the fight.

    The team changed into firmly in Garcia’s nook from open to form. He refrained from a few plentiful strikes and locked in a kneebar to salvage a submission victory. This changed into another in a protracted line of plentiful performances from Garcia since the rupture of the Continental Traditional.

    Taylor seemed accurate, but he has misplaced too many matches currently. It be time he and Moriarty started getting some Ws.

    Consequence: Daniel Garcia defeated Shane Taylor

    Grade: B

    Well-known Moments and Observations

    • The announcers did a genuine job laying out Garcia’s story in latest months in decrease than a minute. 
    • Garcia also can barely derive his hands spherical Taylor for a waistlock. It wasn’t his brightest switch. 
    • Taylor is one in all the most convincing strikers. He by no methodology appears to be bask in he pulls his punches. 
    • While the sign changed into in image-in-image, Taylor hit a nice jumping leg tumble. 

Brian Cage Squash Match, Mark Briscoe vs. Brody King

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    Brian Cage desired to show cloak he also can elevate out the identical thing Hook did, so he took on The Outrunners in a handicap match that changed into slight extra than a glorified squash.

    Consequence: Brian Cage defeated The Outrunners

    Grade: Incomplete

    Adam Copeland got right here out after a fracture for an in-ring interview with Schiavone. Shockingly, Garcia confirmed up peaceful having a sight venerable out from his match. He and Copeland ended up agreeing to maintain a match to ogle who will get to face Christian for the TNT title.

    The next match featured Brody King taking on Mark Briscoe. Julia Hart accompanied King to the ring.

    Briscoe is no budge, but he changed into undoubtedly the underdog right here. King took administration early and made the chicken farmer fight for every and every breath.

    Even though this changed into no longer a hardcore match, a steel chair and a table did attain into play at varied cases. The team started to query of tables after Briscoe’s strive to make exercise of one changed into stopped by the ref.

    This match had some accurate physicality, but it undoubtedly didn’t reasonably click on in many ways. It felt bask in they were going factual a chunk too slack in some spots when they ought to had been ramping it up.

    King ended up shoving Briscoe off the tip turnbuckle and he went thru the table he had role up earlier. This allowed King to get the pin and the win.

    Consequence: Brody King defeated Mark Briscoe

    Grade: B-

    Well-known Moments and Observations

    • Prince Nana dancing with the Golden Knights mascot changed into plentiful. 
    • Garcia and Copeland maintain already bought accurate chemistry as characters. Let’s hope it carries over to the ring. 
    • Stokely Hathaway had some droll traces at some stage in a backstage interview. 
    • Briscoe getting the gang to boo the ref changed into hilarious

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan

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    Before she faces Storm for the title, Purrazzo had a match with Hogan on Saturday’s sign. Both girls folk are babyfaces, but Purrazzo changed into clearly the favourite.

    Kiera changed into ready to derive in a chunk offense, but no longer mighty. This entire match changed into designed to invent The Virtuosa ogle dreadful. Unfortunately, it sounded bask in the gang wasn’t attracted to this match. It changed into noticeably light, which changed into unfamiliar after it had been a crammed with life atmosphere all evening.

    Purrazzo picked up the win alongside with her Venus De Milo submission. As she fundamental, Toni Storm made her map out to steal the spotlight alongside with her entrance.

    Consequence: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kiera Hogan

    Grade: C

    Well-known Moments and Observations

    • Kiera is one in all the most underused stars in AEW. She’s plentiful within the ring and on the mic but it undoubtedly feels bask in she’s had nothing to attain out since Jade Cargill left. 
    • Purrazzo’s finisher appears to be essentially painful. 

Toni Storm vs. Queen Aminata

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    Queen Aminata has been all over AEW TV as of late and this week’s Collision changed into no exception Unfortunately, she hasn’t exactly had mighty success in AEW.

    Powerful bask in Purrazzo’s match, this changed into booked to invent Storm ogle accurate, but Aminata bought in extra offense than Hogan did within the outdated bout.

    This one furthermore bought extra time, but a pair of minutes of it took self-discipline at some stage within the fracture with image-in-image. There were some moments that seemed a chunk tough, but most of what we saw right here changed into first price. It changed into undoubtedly one in all Aminata’s higher performances via how mighty offense she had.

    The girls folk’s champion picked up a non-title win with a piledriver. Storm delivered

    Consequence: Toni Storm defeated Queen Aminata

    Grade: C+

    Well-known Moments and Observations

    • The announcers attempting to invent Aminata sound accurate by itemizing off all her losses didn’t maintain the desired rupture. 
    • Mariah May maybe possibly well is plentiful at placing on the acceptable facial solutions on the acceptable time. 

Orange Cassidy vs. Tomohiro Ishii

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    The major tournament of this week’s sign changed into an World Championship match between Cassidy and Ishii.

    The Stone Pitbull stood within the guts of the ring and without complications overpowered OC at some stage in their preliminary lockup. As soon as OC realized he changed into outmatched, he started attempting to play his customary solutions games.

    The first half of this changed into all about Ishii having a sight bask in a dominant force, but the 2nd half changed into devoted to constructing OC help up to invent his eventual win feel earned.

    This changed into a genuine efficiency that highlighted the strengths of each and every men and happily, the gang seemed as if it would wake help up for it.

    Ishii kicked out of the Orange Punch and the Seaside Damage, but Cassidy changed into ready to attain him down for the pin indirectly. The Undisputed Kingdom attacked OC and took him out ahead of Ishii and Trent Beretta also can bustle all the model down to invent the achieve.

    Consequence: Orange Cassidy defeated Tomohiro Ishii

    Grade: B

    Well-known Moments and Observations

    • Ishii had a backstage encounter with The Undisputed Kingdom but brushed it off. 
    • It nearly seemed bask in Ishii changed into in distress factual strolling to the ring. His knee changed into wrapped up so he also can merely had been feeling it. 
    • Ishii hitting a address laborious adequate to knock Cassidy’s fingers out of his pocket changed into droll. 
    • The delayed vertical suplex from the guts rope changed into a plentiful self-discipline by Ishii. OC had accurate steadiness so as to attain unbiased correct for that long. 

The Remaining Be conscious

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    This week’s Collision had a mode of plentiful motion, but no person match seemed as if it would stand out above the leisure in a necessary map.

    The BCC vs. CMLL bout changed into possibly the acceptable from a technical standpoint, but Taylor vs. Garcia changed into stress-free in a fully varied map.

    Getting another AEW sign with two girls folk’s matches gives hope that this constructing will continue in 2024, namely with AEW’s girls folk’s division being so stacked in this point in time.

    Ishii is continuously intelligent when he pops up in AEW, Storm’s put up-match promo changed into one in all her supreme, and Copeland vs. Garcia being booked for next week changed into a welcome surprise.

    All in all, this changed into a solid episode of Collision that helped further a handful of storylines, so it changed into a productive Saturday.

    Grade: B

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