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JAKE GYLLENHAAL UNDERWENT a ambitious physique transformation for his most up-to-date characteristic, packing on muscle in expose to realistically play a combined martial artist in the Street Home remake. The actor’s shredded, stopping-match physique went viral in 2023 when pictures emerged online of him filming an examine a UFC tournament, and the currently launched trailer for the movie showed off more of his carved abs.

Gyllenhaal has now shared a gaze on the unheard of training that went into building that physique, along with a grueling conditioning routine that enthusiastic taking 20 consecutive punches to the six-pack from professional fighter and stunt performer Steve Brown.

“An complete bunch punches thrown, many of punches taken,” he wrote in the caption, thanking the “unbelievable stunt team” that worked on the movie and shouting out Brown and director Garrett Warren.

“That used to be unbelievable,” Gyllenhaal jokes, adding: “We desire the movie to be excellent, you know.”

The feedback are tubby of parents praising Gyllenhaal’s bodily commitment to the characteristic, along with UFC pro Conor McGregor, who also makes an look in Street Home as doubtless the most defective guys, who wrote: “The most devoted!” Brown, meanwhile, commented that he wretchedness his hands while “hitting these abs of metal.”

Giant establish trainer Jason Walsh, who helped secure Gyllenhaal into peak form for the movie through a rigorous regiment of energy training, cardio and conditioning work, added that “The amount of preparation and dedication place into this mission used to be unbelievable,” asserting he “Can’t stay up for the open.”

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