“Didn’t prefer to re-keep the wheel, staunch desired to construct a wheel that may perchance well maybe well sound enticing… or rip faces off”: Silktone unveils the Overdrive+, a pressure/enhance twofer that plays naughty or nice

Something particular’s been cooking on the breadboards of Placer County, California, and coming in hot off the line at Silktone is the Overdrive+, an overdrive pedal where the “+” is doing heaps of heavy lifting, making this extra than staunch your classic or backyard selection dirt box.

Sure, everybody knows what you are thinking. Lord knows the realm wants for many things but any other pressure pedal is now not one in every of them. There’s thousands and thousands of ‘em. 

But, wait a minute. What about an overdrive/enhance twofer that has a toggle switch marked “Strangle/Raw”? Apart from a low-stage pressure pedal dependancy, classic amongst a excessive percentage of electrical guitar householders, this “Strangle/Raw” proposition is one in every of many ravishing clarification why this may perchance well maybe well also be a pedal value investigating.

It gives two flavors of enhance to counterpoint its pressure, and may perchance be deployed for heaps of taking part in eventualities – “low-construct continually-on tonal enhancer to ripping excessive-construct lead machine,” Silktone says.

Silktone Overdrive+

(Image credit: Silktone)

Silktone huge boss and designer Charles Henry admits that overdrives are straightforward to safe on this market. But as anybody with a pedalboard can attest to, there’s continually room for one extra. 

“What’s there to divulge about an overdrive? They’re in all places,” says Henry. “Didn’t prefer to re-keep the wheel, staunch desired to construct a wheel that may perchance well maybe well sound enticing… or rip faces off.” 

Henry was hitherto laboring under the conclusion that a guitar loaded with P-90 pickups and a high quality guitar amp was all you necessary, until he build the Overdrive+ collectively. “I desired to construct particular person that made me admire my words,” he says.

That is what that you may perchance perchance well perchance call “a boutique pressure pedal” in that it’s some distance priced at a predominant $269, has a blueprint that shares the excessive-cease aesthetics of Silktone’s amp lineup, and its circuit – a conglomeration of JFETs, op-amps, and “about a diodes” – is designed to eke the most out of what’s a quite straightforward care for an eye on surface.

There are three knobs, none of which want vital clarification: Volume, Tone, Save. There may perchance be a mini-toggle switch to activate a bass lower, and any other to construct a preference from a extra textured and dynamic uneven clipping mode and smoother, extra compressed symmetrical clipping.

The factual-hand footswitch engages the safe. The left-hand footswitch engages the enhance, which provides “a ton of construct” and brings the Strangle/Raw toggle switch into play. Attach this to Strangle and also you’ve received an inductor filtering out some frequencies for a cocked-wah, Michael Schenker/Mick Ronson vibe. Attach it to Raw for unfiltered enhance. Two Amber LEDs let when the pedal and its enhance fragment is engaged.

For additional vital parts, head over to Silktone, and check out the demos above to listen to how the Overdrive+ sounds.

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