SINK OR SWIM: Water quality a MAJOR possibility to triathlon says Andy Salmon as Paris 2024 looms

After bigger than six years at the helm at British Triathlon, CEO Andy Salmon has this month left to absorb the identical space at Swim England.

And in an in-depth interview with TRI247 to focus on about the highs and lows of his tenure – which included navigating the choppy waters of the worldwide COVID pandemic – it used to be the initiating water swim aspect of triathlons which Salmon highlighted as doubtlessly the most effective possibility to the sport going forward.

He defined: “There’s the impact of global warming. What’s that doing to water? So we saw that as a most important scrape in Tokyo [in 2021]. The water temperature in Tokyo used to be very terminate to the most permissible temperature. We are in a position to’t ethical stand by and gain that.

“Then you indubitably explore at water quality and I mediate 2023, in my reminiscence, used to be the worst season I will recall for races being tormented by water quality.

“On the Paris Take a look at event for the Olympics and Paralympics the particular person races on the Olympic aspect went ahead as triathlons but then by the weekend, the water quality had deteriorated a little bit of and so the para racing and the Mixed Team Relay were duathlons.

“Now, they were gentle thrilling races, but we will come up with the choice to no longer rep to Paris this summer season and spot the scamper layout being modified to duathlons.”

Salmon on WTCS Sunderland water quality

But what does Salmon mediate triathlon – and his recent sole level of interest of swimming – can attain to turn the tide?

He mentioned: “I mediate there’s a necessity to possess interaction with other water-based mostly sports actions. And there’s a necessity to possess interaction with executive and executive companies and set our weight within the abet of campaigns to live water companies inserting sewage into our waterways. That wants to be better regulated. They deserve to rob more ownership of that scrape.

“And I mediate we will come up with the choice to additionally rep better as a sport. Reminiscent of how we take a look at water quality. We’ve began a portion of work at British Triathlon to find faster, more label-efficient ways to take a look at for the most considerable undesirables in a portion of water sooner than the athletes rep in and swim, whether or no longer it’s for a practising swim or whether or no longer it’s for a scamper itself. So I’d say that’s a most important do of level of interest.”

When asked particularly about what befell at the WTCS event in Sunderland final year, Salmon insisted it’s the broader scrape the sport wants to be prioritising, at the side of: “It’d be uninteresting of me to strive to faux or counsel that there’s no longer an scrape with water quality.

“You explore at it globally, you explore at what befell in Paris, you explore at what befell in Madrid[[when the European Championships modified into duathlons]. These were sure cases of the water no longer being easy enough.

River Seine Water Quality Para Triathlon Swim Cancelled
Will the River Seine host swimming events at Paris 2024? (Photograph – World Triathlon).

“I don’t are making an strive to rep defensive, but that wasn’t the case in Sunderland. That used to be, dare I say, unpleasant reporting by some aspects of the media in step with what one elite athlete mentioned, which used to be fundamentally obscene. But on the opposite hand, as soon as in a whereas, our athletes are confronted with swimming in water that isn’t easy.”

Elevated up the agenda

And whereas there’s clearly a most important quantity that wants doing, Salmon does see some reasons for optimism, at the side of: “I attain if truth be told feel like your entire environmental native climate commerce foyer, from a world level of view, has made some progress within the final six to 300 and sixty five days. I mediate of us are taking it more seriously.

“Whether or no longer it’s electrical vehicles on the avenue or the manner of us are more conscientious about recycling – I attain mediate there’s a public question for doing better.

“And whereas I don’t are making an strive to rep into politics, with a UK election presumably establishing later this year I believe that the ambiance will be better up the agenda than it has been in old elections.

But let’s be sensible. British Triathlon working on my own isn’t going to commerce of us’s votes or commerce executive protection.

“But if we collaborate with all the opposite water-based mostly sports actions within the UK, which is what we’re doing, and we collectively stoop to executive and say, this wants to be better and why, then we will come up with the choice to construct a distinction.

“There’s the impact on the successfully being of the nation – if of us can rep right into a river, rep right into a lake, rep into the ocean and stoop for a swim, it doesn’t matter how ethical they’re, how speedily or how unhurried they’re, if they’ll attain that more then ethical think concerning the particular impact that can possess on the NHS.

“So there’s a exact traditional rationale for presidency to rep within the abet of this. So I’m optimistic that we will come up with the choice to stoop the needle on this one. Now we need to.

“It’s unacceptable that we feature on the manner things are going, no longer ethical speaking as a triathlete or swimmer. It has to be better for our teenagers and their formative years.”

Andy Salmon CEO photograph credit British Triathlon
Andy Salmon [Photo credit: British Triathlon]

Self assurance within the abet of Paris

Salmon promised he’ll be working with Ruth Daniels, his successor at British Triathlon, and others to “see how we will come up with the choice to collaborate and bring power to possess on the connected authorities to achieve better on this home.”

And he hopes that the water quality in Paris would possibly possibly additionally be transformed into an ethical knowledge legend that doubtlessly inspires other cities.

He signed off by announcing: “And ethical coming abet to Paris, I’m if truth be told confident that the Olympics and Paralympics will be triathlons.

“Because in step with what I realized abet in August of final year, there’s an wonderful quantity of money being spent on programs in Paris to handbook sure of the contamination of the River Seine.

“The ambition for them isn’t ethical to possess if truth be told wide triathlon and marathon swimming events at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, nevertheless it’s for Parisians in an effort to swim within the Seine year after year after year. So what an wonderful legacy that is presumably.

“And presumably then that would impact our executive here within the UK and additionally they would possibly are attempting to repeat that, which would possibly possibly be wonderful.”

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