Here’s what a $7M, 30-2d Tidy Bowl advert must purchase in digital media in 2024

By Kimeko McCoy  •  February 6, 2024  •  4 min learn  •

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This story is phase of Digiday’s annual coverage of the Tidy Bowl. More from the series →

As the wire-reducing and streaming wars proceed, the Tidy Bowl remains one of many final bastions for dwell events with a large captive target audience. To receive in front of stated target audience with a single 30-2d advert correct thru the Sizable Game on CBS this Sunday, it’ll bustle advertisers $7 million. 

This yr’s trace mirrors final yr’s $7 million, which modified into as soon as the most costly Tidy Bowl ever for in-game ads. Producers appreciate Oreo, Budweiser, Hellmann’s and DoorDash fetch already dedicated to the bit, releasing teasers of their ads online before the Tidy Bowl. Others, appreciate Danone, are opting to advertise all the draw in which thru the Tidy Bowl with a flurry of digital advert spots.

That stated, here’s Digiday’s annual see at what $7 million can present you the money for a purchaser in other places. (Ogle our old tallies here, here and here.)

4.4 million clicks on Walmart Connect

As Google’s third-birthday celebration deprecation continues, advertisers are starting to grab a 2d see at retail data to accommodate consumers. Retail media has turn into an increasing number of classy over the previous couple of years, with retailers appreciate Amazon Marketing, Walmart Connect and Roundel, Goal’s retail media exchange on the leaderboard. In step with a media govt’s latest estimates, a search advert on Kroger would bustle an advertiser $1.70 per click on. Meanwhile, Walmart’s tag-per-click on comes in at $1.60. With those figures, an advertiser might possibly well presumably furthermore rake in 4.4 million clicks on Walmart and 4.1 million on Kroger with that $7 million. 

2.8 million clicks on TikTok’s in-feed ads

For the final two years, TikTok has been searching to entice advert greenbacks a ways from its opponents and persuade advertisers that its vertical veil veil is key Tidy Bowl precise property. (Interior TikTok’s pursuit of Tidy Bowl advert greenbacks here.) There are a couple of the way advert greenbacks will be divvied up on TikTok, whether that be working with an influencer or in-feed ads. At minimum, it might possibly possibly probably tag anyplace from $20,000 to $30,000 for a single post promoting with a infamous TikToker, appreciate TikToker Mikayla Nogueira, who has greater than 15 million followers on TikTok, per a media purchaser. With $7 million, an advertiser might possibly well presumably furthermore receive between roughly 233 and 350 posts with an influencer of that size. On the totally different hand, an in-feed TikTok advert ranges from a tag-per-click on of $1.80 and $2.46, per media investors. Meaning, for $7 million, an advertiser might possibly well presumably furthermore give you the money for between 3.9 million and 2.8 million clicks on TikTok’s in-feed ads, respectively. 

140 million impressions on a streaming advert

As of ultimate month, Amazon Prime modified into as soon as the most contemporary streamer to add an advert-tier to its offering, joining the ranks of previously commercial-free streamers, appreciate Netflix, Disney+ and Max. Advertisers are throwing extra money into the streaming grunt, as this yr is anticipated to be the commence up of the advert-supported streaming war. On the 2d, CPMs on CTV and the streaming grunt fluctuate from $35 to $50, per a media govt. At those rates, an advertiser might possibly well presumably furthermore scrutinize anyplace from 200 million to 140 million impressions, respectively, for a $7 million trace.

5.6 million clicks on Bumble 

Gen Z will doubtless be extra cautious of relationship apps than totally different generations, nevertheless virtually three in 10 U.S. adults convey they’ve frail a relationship app or grunt, per Pew Be taught. It’s a compelling channel for advertisers. For a tag advert on the Bumble relationship app, tag-per-click on ranges from $0.75 to $1.25, per a media exec’s latest estimates. By those figures, that’s 9.3 million Bumble clicks on the low cease and 5.6 million on the high cease.

10 million clicks in Candy Crush 

For now, gaming promoting is speculated to be in its early days. Even after its explosion correct thru the COVID-19 pandemic, advertisers amassed live a minute skeptical about spending there, viewing it as an experimental channel. Meaning, advert employ in gaming is lagging at the support of mature media. (A seek at what it’ll seize to receive brands to receive bigger the gaming employ this yr here.) For advertisers having a seek to receive in on the bottom ground, charges-per-click on are $.70 for a tag advert on Candy Crush, per a media purchaser. Running the numbers, that’s 10 million clicks for a $7 million employ on a Candy Crush advert.

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