The Twist-Stuffed Ending (and Confusing Submit-Credits Scene) of Argylle, Defined

The next chronicle contains spoilers, clearly, for Argylle (2024).

FOR SEVERAL MONTHS, folks heading out to their native movie show—whether or no longer to absorb the most up-to-date blockbuster, an award-contending excessive-brown movie, or an indie falling somewhere in between—dangle possible taken in barely quite so much of diversified trailers. A form of trailers, for director Matthew Vaughn’s peep comedy/thriller Argylle, has change into a staple in the rotation as repeat cinemagoers took in the photos of Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Henry Cavill with a heinous haircut, and a extraordinarily adorable cat.

On the conclude of that trailer (the movie finest launched one all via its entire advertising campaign) they were faced with a lingering demand, as Samuel L. Jackson’s personality asked someone in the movie: Are you ready to fulfill the valid Agent Argylle?

As that trailer remained on repeat, audiences kept listening to this identical demand. And as anything that will get repeated tends to quit, it grew to change into a meme on-line. Of us questioning the acknowledge to the demand earnestly were replaced by folks attempting to attain help up with primarily the most absurd that you would possibly maybe well take into consideration acknowledge and as well folks reading into the worst instincts of neatly-liked blockbuster filmmaking, predicting some form of cheap cameo or twist.

In the conclude, despite its subpar Rotten Tomatoes salvage, Argylle is an inspiring, motion-packed, twisty, and mostly stress-free movie—and one which’s no longer in actual fact well worth the meme-ification, mocking, and commotion that of us on the accumulate dangle made about it, for better and for worse. It is an inspiring and somewhat disposable February delivery; for folks that are taking a gaze for a appropriate manner to dangle 2 hours and 20 minutes over the weekend or after work, you would possibly maybe well quit far worse.

Anyway. In the event you dangle seen the movie and are taking a gaze for some added clarity, or for folks that honest appropriate are attempting to grab what the total deal is with The Exact Agent Argylle or anything, we dangle now got the total lowdown lined honest appropriate below.

So who’s Elly Conway, author of the Argylle books interior Argylle, anyway?

bryce dallas howard argylle


Early on in the Argylle technology, it used to be publicized that Matthew Vaughn’s peep thriller used to be based mostly fully on a peculiar of the identical title from a prime-time author named Elly Conway. A mettlesome feat for an author with no public ancient past, but no longer primarily the most far-fetched thing in the sphere; books get optioned into motion photos earlier than their delivery the total time, though it tends to occur with authors who dangle more of a longtime observe myth. One example: nonfiction author Nicholas Pileggi accomplished his e book On line casino: Admire and Honor in Las Vegas concurrently with Martin Scorsese‘s On line casino, which itself used to be based mostly fully on Pileggi’s e book. Pileggi’s e book used to be launched honest appropriate quickly earlier than Scorsese’s movie in 1995.

So it used to be very that you would possibly maybe well take into consideration, before the entire lot, that Elly Conway used to be honest appropriate a brand contemporary author who wrote a banger; a banger that by some means made its manner to director Matthew Vaughn, Apple Movies, and more. But then, the accumulate did what the accumulate does, and began to theorize. Hundreds theories about Elly Conway’s id emerged, primarily the most eminent in most up-to-date months being that “Elly Conway” used to be, primarily, a pseudonym for Taylor Swift. Yes, that Taylor Swift.

No, Elly Conway is rarely any longer Taylor Swift.

Argylle: A Original

Argylle: A Original

Argylle: A Original

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Argylle: A Original used to be, primarily, launched on January 9, 2024, and the author’s byline reads Elly Conway. But as soon as someone has even seen the trailer for Argylle, it turns into obvious what is going down: Elly Conway is a personality in the movie, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. She’s a infamous novelist with a group of bestselling peep novels—Argylle, depicted in fictional abolish by Henry Cavill at some level of the movie, is her protagonist. And at some level, her novels delivery to head from fiction to truth; that is when she can get tied up with an tainted group referred to as The Division and a peep named Aidan (Sam Rockwell) presentations as much as help her out.

But that is all you have to know about Elly Conway—she’s no longer Taylor Swift, she’s no longer the Queen of England, and she or he’s no longer someone. She’s a fictional personality in the movie Argylle, and the e book that used to be launched is a neatly-created bit of tie-in advertising for the movie. In the kill, optimistically, we are going to uncover who the valid ghostwriter used to be for Argylle: A Original.

Got it. So then who’s the valid Agent Argylle that I’ve heard so noteworthy about?

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As folks saw the Argylle trailer time and as soon as more and all over as soon as more, theories grew to change into an increasing number of neatly-liked on-line as to who the valid Agent Argylle that the conclude of the trailer alludes to in actual fact is. It is the cat! It is far a surprise celeb cameo! It is the chums we made alongside the sort!

It appears to be like that the id of the valid Agent Argylle used to be in actual fact revealed help in 2021 by Observer (and an aggregation Tweet from @DiscussingFilm). It reads: Matthew Vaughn is determined to advise a thriller a pair of finest-selling female novelist who appears to be like to be a worldwide-class peep tormented by amnesia.

That is… no longer how the trailer sells Argylle! Clearly, at some level the approach in the help of the movie shifted that chronicle level from the headliner to the core mystery. But movie announcements, we now know, are endlessly.

Right here’s, certainly, how things play out in the movie. While Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) finally ends up on a fish-out-of-water peep adventure with Aidan (Sam Rockwell), she appears to be like to no longer be as out-of-water as it appears to be like when she finally meets former CIA director Alfie (Samuel L. Jackson), who’s working his dangle operation to design shut down the The Division.

Alfie finds the truth to Elly: her valid title is rarely any longer Elly Conway. The life she thinks she is aware of is rarely any longer the life she in actual fact lived. In actuality, she’s a former peep named Rachel Kylle—or, R. Kylle—and is tormented by extreme amnesia after a mission gone infamous. Her “of us” (Bryan Cranston and Catherine O’Hara) were in actual fact excessive-ranking Division officials who instilled her with the Elly Conway id; her novels were a manner to get deep-seated peep memories and secrets out of her. The total adventures we saw between Argylle (Henry Cavill) and Wyatt (John Cena) were in actual fact adventures that Rachel and Aidan were on collectively.

It takes Rachel/Elly a protracted time to attain help to terms with this realization (and this twist happens with plenty of time left in the movie; the movie is rarely any longer as spoiled or ridiculous as some would possibly maybe perhaps lead you to take into consideration, but it certainly’s positively too long), but by the third act, she and Aidan crew-up for some badass top-notch peep stuff and design shut The Division—and Elly’s “of us”—down.

So what happens on the conclude of Argylle?

argylle ending


Much of the movie is spent chasing after one thing referred to as the “masterkey,” which is a Macguffin in the truest abolish. Alfie (Jackson) is after it attributable to it is going to obvious his title and expose The Division for some form of tainted secrets… but it certainly’s in actual fact honest appropriate a Macguffin to drive the position alongside, no longer dissimilar from the rand0m and peculiar Rabbit’s Foot in 2006’s Mission Now not skill III. It does no longer matter. Regardless of.

Anyway, Rachel and Aidan finally emerge victorious over The Division, despite Rachel in transient being establish into Manchurian Candidate/Iciness Soldier mode by her “mother” (who’s in actual fact an tainted psychiatrist). She’s finest saved when Keira (Ariana DeBose) enters in fleshy Deus Ex Machina type to execute the spoiled guys and build the day.

Afterwards, we eye that Rachel has gone help to her Elly persona in an strive to attain help to her aloof life (and to delivery one other, doubtlessly final (?) Argylle unusual). While reading at an match, though, in an especially advanced and peculiar turn, a particular person in a T-shirt with a mullet turns up, and when we eye his face or no longer it is… Henry Cavill. And he expects that Elly/Rachel is going to dangle some questions for him.

So possible the valid Agent Argylle is both R. Kylle and as well there would possibly maybe be an Argylle himself available? This noteworthy remains to be seen. Argylle 2? Any individual? Bueller? Bueller?

Wait, does the credits scene imply Argylle is attached to the Kingsmen franchise?

argylle kingsman crossover

twentieth Century Studios

On top of the delivery-ended valid ending for the movie itself, Argylle also has a mid-credits scene that appears to be like to be both atmosphere one thing else up and atmosphere the movie interior a higher Matthew Vaughn universe.

The mid-credits scene opens with a shot of The King’s Man bar—as featured in Vaughn’s Kingsman franchise—and a young man introduces himself as Aubrey Argylle. The actor featured on this sequence is Louis Partridge, who used to be beforehand offered to be playing a young Argylle in a prequel collection.

So our wager right here? It will also change into that Argylle is both based mostly fully on the life of R. Kylle and as well based mostly fully on the life of someone named Aubrey Argylle, who used to be seen in Henry Cavill abolish on the conclude of the movie, and as youthful Louis Partridge abolish in the mid-credits scene.

He, by some means, appears to be like to tie in to the Kingsman world, even though Samuel L. Jackson and Sofia Boutella both regarded in Argylle and already played characters in the major Kingsman movie. But that is OK. We are able to work around it. Extra immoral things dangle took build—honest appropriate on this movie alone.

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