Michael Porter Jr.’s WNBA pay scale comments had been impossibly unhealthy and horrifying

The pleasure spherical ladies americans’s basketball in most modern years is undeniable. The 2023 NCAA ladies americans’s basketball nationwide championship game between LSU and Iowa became one of the most ideal sporting occasions of the yr, and drew massive scores for ESPN. The 2023 WNBA Finals between two superteams within the Unique York Liberty and Las Vegas Aces also generated one of the most well-known most life like most likely TV scores in league historic past. Earlier this week, I purchased to gaze the Caitlin Clark phenomenon in particular person, which became one thing adjacent to Beatles-mania for the younger girls in attendance.

Passion in ladies americans’s hoops is easiest going to continue trending up with so mighty great younger skills within the game, nonetheless the WNBA tranquil has actual concerns. Groups are frequently traveling without constitution flights, player salaries are tranquil extremely low, and the advertising and marketing of the league may per chance per chance maybe additionally use a total overhaul. Girls americans hoopers need extra advocates from both the media and males’s avid gamers, nonetheless unfortunately some males are tranquil stuck on the nighttimes.

Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. appeared on The Pivot podcast with Ryan Clark this week, and gave some extremely cringeworthy and unsuitable opinions on the WNBA. Porter Jr. when in contrast ladies americans’s basketball avid gamers to ping-pong avid gamers soliciting for extra cash, acknowledged he’d peep extra ladies americans’s basketball if the avid gamers dunked extra frequently, and totally missed the point of pay equality within the league.

You may per chance per chance maybe presumably additionally peep the total interview here. Here’s a clip that’s long past viral for the methodology silly Porter Jr.’s comments are.

Porter Jr. is identified for his horrifying opinions as mighty as his sweet jump shot, and this one isn’t going to acquire him any new followers. Why even give him a platform to spew this rubbish?

WNBA avid gamers are no longer asking to form the identical salaries as their NBA counterparts as Porter looks suggesting. As a replacement, WNBA avid gamers are soliciting for the identical share of shared income that their NBA counterparts accept. WNBA avid gamers dangle long past a prolonged time without getting a lower of merchandise gross sales, as an instance, while NBA avid gamers cease. Aces celeb guard Kelsey Plum outlined share of what WNBA avid gamers are soliciting for in a 2022 interview:

Here’s a full explainer on how income sharing within the WNBA works after essentially the most modern CBA. There had been some enhancements, nonetheless it completely tranquil isn’t enough.

Porter is getting slammed on social media for referring to ladies americans as “females.” His point about making an attempt ladies americans to dunk sooner than he begins searching at is presumably his most insulting of all. Stephen Curry hasn’t dunked this season and he’s tranquil magnificent provocative. Girls americans’s basketball is great, and it totally doesn’t need above-the-rim play to take dangle of the honor it deserves.

Porter Jr. have to tranquil know better, pondering his sisters played the game at a excessive stage. Here’s a tiny sample of the response on social media from MPJ’s comments.

mpj has acknowledged so so so many dumb issues about so so so many subject matters that i win it spicy to even accept riled up about his wnba bullshit. the boy has rocks for a brain.

— Lindsay Gibbs (@linzsports) February 3, 2024

That MPJ interview no doubt has me steaming. From his lack of information to him many occasions referring to ladies americans as “females”.

— Janae Sims (@auntienae95) February 3, 2024

I love how MPJ’s dumb comments popping out the identical evening a freshman named Juju Watkins has dropped 40 facets thru three quarters against the 4th ranked Cardinal!

— Chris Williamson (@CWilliamson44) February 3, 2024

MPJ doesn’t label how insensitive and disrespectful his comments had been nonetheless once extra these males on @thepivot podcast and other’s who unfounded care form it worse for ladies americans! Don’t bring it up whilst you’re no longer going to cease your be taught so basically SHUT UP!

— April Sykes (@AP_Slush24) February 3, 2024

I feel @realclark25 requested #MPJ his thoughts on the girls americans’s game bc he wore Stewies shoe, nonetheless the dearth of belief by methodology of the inequities/inequality in ladies americans’s professional sports is a peril in that convo @thepivot. Taking a gaze forward to the note up bc that WASN’T IT.

— Annie Costabile (@AnnieCostabile) February 3, 2024

As many identified, Porter’s comments went viral on the identical day USC freshman sensation JuJu Watkins dropped 51 facets in a acquire over top-five Stanford. Girls americans’s basketball goes to continue to hover. Porter Jr. have to tranquil verify his flawed assumptions and tune in.

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