Celeb Astrologer Predicts Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Will Salvage Engaged

Celeb Astrologer
Predicts Traylor Will Salvage Engaged …
Right here’s When He’ll Pop Q!!!

1/29/2024 4:15 PM PT

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are getting engaged — no decrease than that’s what one celeb astrologer thinks … and he’s got TK on his crooked knee honest all the arrangement in which down to the month!

We spoke with celeb astrologer Kyle Thomas — who’s been featured on hundreds shops over the years, weighing in on diversified A-listers’ fates in accordance with horoscopes, etc. — and we requested him the obtrusive … are these two gonna sprint down the boulevard of engagement, and later marriage???

Investigate cross-take a look at what this superstar-reader has to claim about their possibilities of going the gap — he says he can if truth be told feel Traylor going all the attain, but it likely could perchance not be as rapidly as participants mediate.

There’ve been rumblings lately about Taylor and Travis getting engaged ASAP … but KT here says potentially the most life like disaster is Travis popping the anticipate in 2025 — in accordance with a different of diversified-worldly factors that we’ll let him level to.

With that stated … he does notify that one and all the seeds for a permanent relationship are being planted honest now — and he wouldn’t even be shocked if a proposal got here sooner.

On the anticipate of after they could perchance, doubtlessly, procure hitched … he’s got an resolution for that too. In line with Kyle — Tay-Tay appears to be like to have just a few extra accomplishments on her bucket checklist that she could perchance be wanna frightening off first. At the very least that’s what the heavens are telling him!

And procure this … Kyle even pulls tarot cards for Taylor and Travis’ future — and in accordance with the vibes he’s selecting up on … they seem to be situation for a long and fruitful partnership.

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The planets are lining up for TS and TK as some distance as astrology is anxious — factual take Kyle’s discover for it because the expert — and even our have eyes expose us … this can be it for every of them.

Love is in the air … and it be furthermore in the celebrities!

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