Ashleigh Comfortable on PTO racing: ‘The biggest battles are yet to approach’

As we count all the design down to the basic-anticipated decent announcement of the PTO speed calendar for 2024, the Skilled Triathletes Organisation has shared that we can keep a question to a basic busier professional speed time desk, plus the addition of extra age-neighborhood racing. And that prolonged time desk is determined to create a season long memoir as essentially the most productive of essentially the most productive from every brief and long course slouch head-to-head all one year long over the 100km distance.

Australian triathlon basic particular person Ashleigh Comfortable has became known because the ‘Queen of the 100km’ after taking half in masses of success on the PTO circuit since her step up from Olympic distance racing. In an interview with TRI247 Ashleigh shares her insights on why the PTO races maintain got so many mavens excited, what it takes to be competitive over the 100km distance – and the battles we would ogle unfold in 2024.

‘It truthfully feels be pleased an Olympic distance effort… however for 3.5 hours.’

Rob a maintain a study a PTO speed roster and you’ll look that these races are bringing collectively a harmful half of among the cease athletes in triathlon. From brief course stars reminiscent of Taylor Knibb, to long course heroes be pleased Anne Haug and Lucy Charles-Barclay – who has not too long ago presented she’ll be specializing within the 100km distance in 2024.

So what’s it relating to the 100km distance and the PTO’s speed layout that’s got so many of the cease names within the sport toeing the begin lines?

For Ashleigh Comfortable, it’s the design the races create that brief course excitement – over a much longer distance: “I roughly ogle it as Olympic distance racing, however excellent over a long timeframe. It’s mute brief ample to for sure push yourself to a terribly deep level. Many of the races that I’ve done with the PTO, it truthfully feels be pleased an Olympic distance effort… however for 3.5 hours. You would push yourself to a moderately inaccurate level.”

The closed course, multi-lap speed layout also helps to create collaborating speed dynamics – for the athletes and for spectators, says Ashleigh. “We’re on a closed course, so we don’t must inconvenience about getting caught up in every other races. The multi-lap applications create excitement, and it skill we can employ the locations to their fullest, in a technique where spectators can ogle us quite rather a lot of cases.”

“Singapore[[PTO Asian Originate]became once my current speed in 2023. I don’t deem the crowds were for sure proven as basic on TV, however our speed coincided with a expansive mass of the age-neighborhood athletes registering for other events occurring over the weekend. So the crowds were fully wonderful. It became once for sure challenging to speed through Marina Bay with that many participants.”

The original opportunity to speed in metropolis centre locations

These multi-lap applications and metropolis centre locations Ashleigh mentions are some extent of pleasure for the PTO, constructing a speed scheme up which showcases the cities and the athletes .

Comfortable describes the abilities at Singapore in explicit as a quite rather a lot of opportunity. “As a course as a total I did be pleased Singapore rather a lot. The bike budge became once for sure fun, through this form of extremely populated and dense metropolis.”

Ashleigh Comfortable wins PTO Asian Originate in Singapore 2023
Ashleigh Comfortable took the cease assert on the rostrum on the PTO Asian Originate [Photo: PTO]

“It became once moderately outstanding that we were ready to budge these roads that can per chance well in every other case be not doable to budge. It’s properly-organized original and it’s moderately a privilege because most of those cities are densely populated and very busy in every other case.”

Rapid-paced racing

Whereas you’re bringing collectively the largest names within the sport over a brand modern speed distance, what does it hold to be on the sharp cease of the speed? “Truthfully, I for sure feel be pleased I’m mute working it out!” Ashleigh explains.

“It sounds silly because I instruct I were moderately a hit over the PTO distance. However I mute deem that I’m succesful of push the boundaries and receive rather a lot faster which is a thrilling prospect for me.”

“The racing is so like a flash now, that you just will have to maintain that Olympic distance tempo in you to be competitive over all three disciplines.”

Being ready to step up in distance, however defend up a correspondence with that like a flash-paced racing is something Ashleigh has for sure loved since racing on the PTO circuit. “For me it’s been for sure palatable because I maintain long gone up in distance, however I mute contact on that tempo work. That’s something I for sure be pleased, and I’m a expansive believer that if you be pleased what you develop and you proceed to receive to maintain parts to your coaching that you just be pleased, you receive essentially the most productive out of yourself. Being ready to mute develop those faster sessions, particularly on the speed – it’s a pleasant feeling.”

‘The biggest battles are yet to approach…’

It’s not been veritably that we’ve been ready to appear the celebs of brief course slouch head-to-head with heart distance consultants and long course athletes in an tournament where every athlete is bringing their A sport. So doing precisely that’s what makes the PTO racing attention-grabbing, says Ashleigh: “We’ve considered Taylor Knibb and a few brief course athletes approach and develop it. Then you definately’ve got a expansive cohort of us who are specializing in heart distance. Then you definately’ve got some properly-organized names in IRONMAN. Folk would potentially class Anne Haug as an IRONMAN athlete, however she’s so instant.”

PTO European Originate 2023 girls folks podium Anne Haug Ashleigh Comfortable Lucy Charles Barclay photograph credit PTO
[Photo credit: PTO]

“Getting those quite rather a lot of athletes all onto the PTO distance, finding that heart ground. That’s what makes it so challenging. I deem essentially the most productive battles are yet to approach.”

Post-Paris expose downs: ‘Utter it on!’

Talking of battles, there’s been basic hypothesis about whether – given the PTO’s plans for a much longer speed season – we would ogle among the Olympic athletes on a PTO begin line after Paris.

On the likely for a put up-Paris expose down, “it’ll be attention-grabbing,” Ashleigh says. “I’ve considered participants be pleased Beth Potter and Taylor Spivey and a few others publicly assert that they’d prefer to develop the PTO races. So we would ogle them on the PTO circuit within the next couple of years.”

“Absolute self assurance some Olympic medallists will likely be placing their hand up for wildcards if they’re on hand after Paris. We might perhaps per chance perhaps ogle among the very top level brief course athletes be offered wildcards at quite rather a lot of components within the one year. However I deem primarily spots on the PTO races will roll all the design down to the athletes who were chasing components and racing heart to long distance events, which I deem is supreme.”

“For me as an athlete, I excellent need to focal point on myself. If there’s any expansive surprises on any of the begin lists… bring it on! It’s fun, and it’s what I prefer to develop: racing essentially the most productive within the sphere and seeing who comes out on top. I deem that’s supreme for the sport, we are attempting in sigh to entertain participants that tune in.”

Podium positions and a sure mindset – 2024 ambitions

After winning every PTO Originate races in 2022, and placing forward a 100% podium instruct in 2023 – what targets are on the horizon for Ashleigh Comfortable in 2024?

“I would favor in sigh to retain on the least one PTO title,” Ashleigh says. “It’ll be more sturdy than ever however that’s in any respect times a intention. I’ve been moderately a hit within the PTO tour, so I’d prefer in sigh to defend standing on those podiums and being for sure competitive on the cease cease of the sport.”

However podiums aren’t the finest priority for Ashley. “I are also searching to defend taking half in myself and loving coaching and racing. I’ve had a expansive shift within the old few years within myself, and I deem being ready to dwell in that mindset for me is mostly key.”

“If I’m not doing moreover to I would favor to develop, it’s excellent about grounding myself. Remembering why I’m doing this sport and for sure finding the be pleased of it.”

That sure headspace is basic for being ready to defend coaching and racing on the finest level. “Once I’m in a supreme dwelling, I’m succesful of come up every day and push myself to the limit. To for sure misery yourself [training] day in day out, it is well-known to be pleased what you’re doing.”

“I excellent strive to be pleased the process, and I’m in any respect times grateful that I receive to slouch to work every day and my work is triathlon. I know that it’s a extremely privileged thing, so I are searching to make essentially the most of it.”

Inspired to hold on one in all the PTO 100km age neighborhood races this one year? Salvage forward of the sport and check out our coaching solutions for stepping up from brief course, or stepping down from IRONMAN distance racing – with out compromising to your tempo or your endurance.

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