Roc Nation’s Workers ROC Sends Search files from To Investigate Kansas Metropolis Police Department

Roc Nation, the leisure company primarily based by rap memoir Jay-Z, is as soon as extra stepping up its fight for social justice. Workers ROC, Roc Nation’s philanthropic and social justice division, has space its sights on the Kansas Metropolis Police Department, inquiring for to analyze allegations of corruption and misconduct for the length of the division. 

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It has been published that Workers ROC, Roc Nation’s philanthropic and social justice division, has requested to analyze allegations of corruption and misconduct for the length of the Kansas Metropolis Police Department.

In collaboration with the Midwest Innocence Venture, Workers ROC  submitted a files question to the Kansas Metropolis, Kansas Police Department on Nov. 16 to cling files regarding the division’s alleged misconduct. 

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This initiative comes on the heels of Workers ROC‘s winning push for the arrest of former KCPD officer Roger Golubski, who confronted accusations of preying on and sexually assaulting Gloomy females and younger other folks for the length of criminal investigations. 

The recent letter to the Kansas Metropolis Police Department additionally requests any paperwork associated to complaints or investigations concerning Golubski. The Kansas Metropolis Police Department has confronted a few cases of police brutality and excessive employ of force, extra fueling the need for scrutiny. 

One such case eager Officer Jeremy Gragg shooting an unarmed Gloomy man, Malcolm Johnson, in 2021, an incident captured and shared broadly, sparking community outrage. One other incident eager Officer David Frazier, who threw Mack C. Nelson onto the floor in 2022, forcefully pressing his face into the pavement. 

The Search files from

The question highlights assorted troubling allegations against the KCPD, including utilizing excessive and pointless force, cases of sexual harassment and assault, and the violation of voters’ civil rights by police officers.

As of late, Workers Roc & @The_MIP submitted a KORA demanding the disclosure of requested files of the KCKPD.

For a protracted time, there were plenty of and troubling allegations against the KCKPD. pic.twitter.com/ouBOFcRf5p

— Workers Roc (@teamroc) November 16, 2023

“For a protracted time, there were plenty of troubling allegations against the Kansas Metropolis, Kansas, Police Department (“KCKPD”),” the question reads. “Among these allegations were: (1) KCKPD officers employ of excessive and pointless force and battery; (2) sexual harassment and sexual assault; and (3) conspiracies by KCKPD officers to violate citizen’s civil rights.”

The question additionally read:

“Disclosure of the requested files is in the general public ardour and can contribute to the general public’s thought of KCKPD practices by shedding gentle on disorders that cling long been protected from public seek.”

Citing the general public ardour in disclosure, Workers ROC additionally emphasizes the have to shed gentle on these long-hidden disorders and contribute to the general public’s thought of the KCKPD’s practices. Leveraging the Kansas Originate Data Act, which permits for public inspection and copying of files maintained by public entities, Workers ROC beneficial properties access to pertinent files concerning the KCPD.

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Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Workers’s Advocacy Positioned Stress on Police Department To Arrest Unpleasant Kansas Police Officer

Roc Nation’s advocacy has resulted in the indictment and arrest of Roger Golubski, a former police officer, on six federal crimes. Enormous stress modified into as soon as utilized to the Kansas Metropolis Police Department after Roc Nation sued the division for alleged misconduct and corruption.

Victorious Roc Nation

Roc Nation is celebrating the arrest of Roger Golubski, a former Kansas police officer, who is coping with federal civil rights payments. 

The arrest modified into as soon as launched by the US Justice Department on Thursday, a one year after Roc Nation sued the Kansas Metropolis Police Department for alleged misconduct and corruption.

In 2021, Workers Roc called for an investigation into the division after allegations against Golubski were published. 

Golubski modified into as soon as named in a lawsuit filed by Lamonte McIntyre, who modified into as soon as wrongfully convicted for execute and incarcerated for 23 years. The lawsuit alleged that Golubski framed McIntyre for the crime after his mother turned down his sexual advances.

Dania Diaz, Roc Nation’s director of philanthropy, released an announcement.

“We proceed to face in harmony alongside the folk of Kansas Metropolis, Kansas, who were patiently for justice and accountability. The arrest of Roger Golubski is a serious step in direction of creating a safer community, and we applaud the Department of Justice for his or her commitment, diligence, and thorough work on this investigation.”

Golubski has been indicted on six federal counts for crimes that he allegedly dedicated over twenty years previously. 

He stands accused of sexually assaulting two females “while performing below the shade of the law.” In conserving with the prosecutors, Golubski raped the females a few times between 1998 and 2002. 

These additionally comprise incidents in and next to his automobile and in one of many sufferer’s residence. Kidnapping is additionally alleged in the indictment. 

In an birth letter to the US Accomplice Lawyer Extraordinary Vanita Gupta, Diaz acknowledged:

“We are dedicated to retaining these so-called public servants accountable for alleged rampant acts of brutality and exploitation and question a meeting with the DOJ to discuss our findings—findings we hope will skedaddle you to act. These allegations require the urgency the Kansas Metropolis, Kansas community deserves.”

If convicted, Golubski faces a maximum sentence of existence in penal complex.

Roc Nation Rob On RICO, Police Brutality & Criminal Justice Reform

About a months previously, Roc Nation assembled a coalition of social justice leaders from assorted industries for a summer season summit. 

The summit took set apart for the length of the midterm elections in the US. It is primarily the most recent initiative to leverage the energy of hip-hop tradition to tackle police brutality and criminal justice reform.

Diaz acknowledged Roc Nation hopes the summit will conclude in political action and engagement.

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