Paula Jai Parker Condemns Cassie’s Diddy Lawsuit: “I Don’t Derive It”

Parker’s series of tweets oscillated between disgrace, empathy, disdain, and remorse.

Paula Jai Parker posing for image.

Paula Jai Parker attends Unique York Magazine’s Vulture Festival 2022 at The Hollywood Roosevelt on November 13, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

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Warning: The following article contains triggering language linked to sexual assault, abuse, and rape.

Paula Jai Parker is questioning Cassie Ventura’s lawsuit in opposition to Diddy. On Thursday night (Nov. 16), the actress hit X/Twitter, unloading on the singer for failing to say the Disagreeable Boy boss “no.” Parker primitive a series of xweets to command that, attributable to Cassie’s lack of skill to face up for herself when she used to be 19, she used to be not “constructed” for the business. On the other hand, she did bid that she wasn’t pronouncing that Cassie used to be lying nonetheless “at what level does handsome your man change into all this.” 

“As an #SA victor, one would mediate I catch it, nonetheless I don’t,” she xweeted. “I used to be a child, procuring for nothing from someone. Nevertheless yall known as us #thirsty 4 holding what’s mine nonetheless it ain’t thirsty while you neglect 2protect ur within the support of? I’m sorry nonetheless I don’t catch it, I primitive to be 19 and I used to be within the business and I used to be quite able to claiming no. You’re between a rock and a exhausting situation in this business. You undergo no topic your preference. So why not prefer #God. It labored for #Jesus.” 

“I wish somebody would absorb said that to the 3yo me that couldn’t divulge no nonetheless by 19 we’re all strong ample to construct picks that influence the relief of our lives,” the Friday entertainer said. “Whereas you might presumably presumably’t divulge no, you’re not constructed for it. Rob that hour of darkness educate now forward of you catch yourself in distress. I’m not pronouncing it didn’t happen I’m pronouncing she wasn’t complaining about being his ‘woman’ and the famous individual that came [with] it. What goes on between man and girl is devoted that. At what level does handsome ur ‘man’ change into all this…handiest chicks relationship freaky millionaires.”

As she persisted, she then began questioning Cassie’s “victimhood.” Parker admitted that she struggled to mediate that Ventura used to be a “sex slave.” She then Paula expressed that Cassie deserves to be paid by Puff nonetheless defined that she is “drained of girls folks making abominable picks.” 

“I’m making an are trying so exhausting to note the sufferer here, nonetheless tag sex slaves veritably catch to determine on their sex partners in 5 hotels? I mediate yall devoted don’t love [Diddy]. Nevertheless he didn’t catch the sport he devoted performs it,” she persisted. “Hubby thinks I don’t love her, nonetheless that’s not real. I don’t love chicks that design end the easy route and catch inflamed when it doesn’t pan out. God Bless the Child who’s purchased his absorb.

“Nevertheless sure, I mediate she deserves compensation. It used to be love a marriage, and she or he changed into accustomed to the typical of living and after all that stuff she wrote she did, I don’t mediate he used to be ever primarily going to marry her, ew Did U study that [lawsuit]? It sounds love one thing out of a penny bad. Im drained of girls folks making abominable picks that influence us all. Surroundings a precedent that leaves us vulnerable…Per chance I’m jaded trigger I’m here, I reside it and gaze it day after day. The beautiful ones with minute skills design end what they need while the relief of us rely upon God. The Bible says bribery is dazzling in business. Give a lil 2 catch forward. So she did. He shoulda took the deal,” she concluded. 

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