Niecy Nash Claps Serve At Man Who Insulted Daughter Dia Nash’s Facial Aspects

Niecy Nash warned an unnamed man about her “beefy momma mode” after her daughter got some backhanded comments. In a deliver message, the individual picked apart Dia Nash‘s facial substances — specializing in the dimensions of her eyes and lips.

Dia shared the audio message from the individual on social media, declaring she change into once performed with courting. The 24-twelve months-ragged began her TikTok recap by announcing she’s going to “bound away courting to the strong girls available.”  Then, she played the message.

“Along with your mountainous eyes, mountainous lips looking a**,” the individual said between chuckles. “Courage the Cowardly Dog personality looking a**. However I believe you handsome, so imma f**k with you.”

After his deliver message change into once over, Dia again said she wasn’t “strong ample” for the courting scene.

“And that change into once him being good. I look esteem a cool intelligent film mutt but I’m handsome so he gon’ f**k with me forreal though. I don’t screech I’m strong ample. So, I’m gonna bound away it to y’all. Y’all got it,” Dia said.

Peek the deliver message under.

Niecy Nash Steps Into The Color Room To Defend Her Daughter

After The Color Room reposted Dia Nash’s TikTok video, Niecy Nash hopped into the assert share with a lil’ something to add to the dialog.

“Here is my cramped one. Dia Nash. This backhanded assertion will absorb me in beefy momma mode. I don’t play about mine, and boy, whenever you happen to searching for to be amusing — you’re no longer! @dialarennash of us who are in actuality for you obtained’t attain this,” Niecy Nash wrote.

As of Tuesday, her response to her daughter’s put up on TSR has over 700 comments and more than 44,000 likes. Some comments agreed with Neicy, announcing the individual’s come wasn’t it.

Instagram individual @mama_of_superheroes wrote, “We look you, mama Nash standing in the assist of yo cramped one! Y’all absorb handsome, uncommon substances some of us correct weren’t raised stunning, unfortunately.” 

@slimsassyclassy wrote, “EXACTLY!! She positively dodged an immature bullet.” 

@dlynn2222 wrote, “I idea she change into once your cramped one wow repeat her she’s handsome he potentially appears to be like esteem a clown. Wow, men are now assorted.” 

Meanwhile, more than one Instagram users in the assert share extinct the word “negging” to announce the individual’s come.

Females’s Neatly being describes the term as “somebody [showing] their supposed curiosity in you by striking you down.” Experts the outlet spoke to add that the “flirtation” come is fundamentally verbal emotional abuse disguised.

In preserving with NYC-based mostly mostly sex therapist Jesse Kahn, negging involves reducing somebody else’s self-admire.

“The premise is that by insulting the individual you’re ‘flirting’ with you’ll compose them determined to trade your idea of them and salvage your approval,” Kahn beneficial the outlet.

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