Where Does Joe Rogan List His Podcast? All About the $200 Million Payment Spotify Queer JRE

The Covid-19 world pandemic saw an excellent deal of adjustments within the sector, and that alive to the comedian and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan. The Joe Rogan Journey podcast host moved from the liberal metropolis of Los Angeles to Austin, Texas. Understanding about the representative of the everyman, the UFC commentator joined a reported 86,000 Californians who moved from swanky, upscale California cities to the Lone Huge identify Verbalize at some stage within the pandemic.

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Their causes, on the other hand, had been very diversified. While most diversified American citizens who moved to the hinterlands did so because a ways away work equipped them with the choice to circulation to cities with noteworthy lower rents than in Los Angeles or Fresh York Metropolis, Rogan had a in point of fact diversified reason. Let us first discuss where Rogan’s current podcast studio is and what pressured the Fresh Jersey native to exclusively overhaul it.

Where does Joe Rogan yarn his podcasts?


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Joe Rogan records his JRE podcast in a private studio in his $14.4 million mansion in Austin, Texas. With the podcast being Rogan’s predominant source of profits, he has built a assert-of-the-art studio that has hosted some of the biggest names from a diversity of fields. Rogan is presently below contract with streaming platform Spotify for a $200 million three-year deal in 2020 which is coming to an cease in 2023.

The actual Austin studio used to be accomplished in 2020 and featured a futuristic, crimson spaceship motif in a cylindrical kill with dedicated wooden wall panels. “I blended it up. Relatively little bit of the outmoded, a diminutive bit current. Relatively little bit of alien sh*t,” Rogan suggested Tom Segura. While followers had been brooding about the preview photos Rogan shared, they learned the crimson lighting fixtures very distracting as soon as episodes within the present studio started to air.


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The comedian addressed the fan criticism and identified that the studio used to be set collectively in below a month. “Folks, relax, we needed to bang this collectively in a month. Whenever you occur to suspect it sucks, that’s k. I savor it. It’s undoubtedly uncommon, it’s factual a gargantuan shock. Some of us are awful with substitute,” he talked about on episode 1540 of JRE.

Rogan revamped the studio kill rapidly after. The current kill has shiplap partitions accomplished in wooden and facets a pleasant, eminent neon Joe Rogan Journey brand with a UFO on high. However, why did Rogan employ all this time and money to abandon his iconic California studio that had the followers’ approval?

Why did Joe Rogan circulation to Austin, Texas?

In a conversation with Joe De Sena in 2020, Rogan spoke about why he made the choice to speak adieu to LA and circulation to Texas. The psychedelics fanatic talked about that he“factual desires to head somewhere with a diminutive bit extra freedom. I’m outta here. I want to head somewhere within the heart of the country, somewhere it’s more uncomplicated to traipse to both locations, and somewhere where you’ve got a diminutive bit bit extra freedom.”

A stringent critic of what he felt had been California’s restrictive conceal mandate and lockdown policies, Rogan moved to Texas at some stage within the pandemic in 2020. The former Grief Factor host also suggested Schulz that he did not streak away California to manual certain of paying its hefty taxes for a extra Texas which levies no private profits taxes. Rogan used to be also fed up with the overcrowding, and congestion of the metropolis and used to be insecure about the upward push of homelessness there.

“I judge that where we stay correct here in Los Angeles is overcrowded and I judge extra on the whole than not that’s not a topic. However I judge it’s exposing the reality that it’s a true topic at the same time as you enjoy a study the preference of these that are catching COVID thanks to this overpopulation topic. Whenever you enjoy a study the web page visitors, at the same time as you enjoy a study the financial despair, at the same time as you enjoy a study the homelessness situation that’s accelerated radically over the closing six, seven, ten years, I judge there are too many people here,” he talked about.

And so the time of the long-lasting studio that virtually all followers companion with the finest podcast within the English-talking world got here to an cease as Rogan moved to ‘The Lone Huge identify’ Verbalize for correct. And he’s not searching to near again! However, where used to be his outmoded studio positioned?

Where had been the major JRE episodes recorded?


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When he started his podcast, the JRE episodes had been shot in Rogan’s California dwelling. He rapidly moved the podcast to the studio most followers are acquainted with in Woodland Hills. For most episodes, Rogan outdated to stay in a picturesque dwelling within the gated community of Bell Canyon in Southern California. An curious member of the Los Angeles comedy scene, Rogan’s dwelling used to be an hour’s power from the metropolis.

And the UFC commentator, who had started and largely pioneered podcasting from his dwelling again in 2009, a convention he has persevered in Texas by constructing a dwelling studio. A few episodes had been recorded at the Ice Apartment Comedy Membership also diagnosed as Deathsquad Studios in Pasadena, California.


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What attain you watched about Rogan’s current studio? Let us know within the comments allotment below.

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