Overwatch 2 fans in the end bag long-awaited Mercy skin in season 7 update

Blizzard teased a spooky zombie skin for Mercy in the trailer for Overwatch 2 season seven in October. Since then, Mercy mains in all locations were ready with bated breath for a possibility to rock the horrifying beauty.

And this day, lawful bigger than a month after the commence up of the season, the Zombie Doctor Mercy skin has officially been added to the game’s store for gamers to buy. Total with a surgical hide and a bloody handprint on her leg, it’s far commended to judge twice forward of letting this scientific legit operate on you.

It felt take care of every time the OW beauty store reset now no longer too long in the past, there were now no longer lower than a handful of Mercy mains on social media screaming to the hilltops that this skin wasn’t added but. Nonetheless now, the wait is over. While the skin didn’t originate it into the game forward of Halloween, it’s right here now, lawful in time… for the vacations.

For 1,600 OW coins, gamers can bag the contemporary Zombie Mercy bundle. The bundle entails the Chronicle-quality Zombie Doctor skin and a Medication weapon charm. For other folks that supreme want the skin itself, that might also be bought in the Hero Gallery for 1,000 OW coins.

This bundle and skin were added to the store following the weekly store reset this day round 1pm CT. This can also supreme be in the market for roughly per week and also can rotate out of the store subsequent Tuesday, Nov. 21, all over the equivalent time. So if right here’s the skin you’ve been looking ahead to, originate sure you bag it forward of it’s gone.

Fortunately, Blizzard has a pair of deals on OW coins lawful now that originate their designate a small bit bit lower than the identical old charge of $1 per 100 coins. For other folks that’re having a scrutinize to buy in bulk, that you simply can per chance per chance presumably also bag 7,500 coins for $49.99 or 15,000 for $99.99.

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