Does Hip-Hop Need To Trade Lyrically?

Dee1, the New Orleans rapper and recommend for sure change, neutral these days aimed hip-hop heavyweights Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Jim Jones over their lyrical whine. Dee1 known as out the artists, questioning their contradictory messages of penal complex reform and the glorification of violence in their song.



‘You Can Attain Better, Brother’

On November 1, Dee1 known as out Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Jim Jones on Sway Calloway‘s radio present, Sway’s Universe, questioning their contradictory messages of penal complex reform and glorifying violence in their song.

Dee1, known for his uplifting and acutely conscious lyrics, expressed his disappointment in his fellow artists. He namely addressed Jim Jones, Rick Ross, and Meek Mill, declaring:

“Jim Jones you would also attain higher brother, Rick Ross you would also attain higher brother, Meek Mill you would also attain higher brother, I surely love you too remarkable to now not be comely with you. Are you the face of penal complex reform otherwise you sitting on right here to your contemporary song with Ross talking about getting somebody murked and shot on the crimson gentle which one is it bro, because I did a shoe giveaway in my city and gave out 1300 pairs of your sneakers, because they stated reform below them. I surely love that you just partnered with a predominant shoe company and you out right here pushing penal complex reform. However now I gotta to take a seat down right here, love man, this man glorifying getting folks killed.”


Meek Mill Responds

The viral video of Dee1’s callout caught the eye of many, at the side of Meek Mill, who responded by defending his lyrics. The Philly native stated:

“Nah we attain the total lot lol, I became rapping this vogue as soon as I became the face of reform…. That’s how I got there ya’ll forgot that snappy.”

After Meek Mill’s response, social media customers weighed in on the matter. 

Person @im_forreeal wrote, “Meek can play it frigid all he needs nonetheless the seed has been planted. This interview is going viral and can continue to movement. Meek obtained’t be in a spot to ignore this and he’ll ultimately let up off that chaotic blueprint of life. Might per chance likely well likely seize a week. Presumably a month. Presumably 3 years. He’ll be ingesting his words in the future.”

Following Meek Mill’s response to Dee1, the New Orleans native responded to Meek asserting:

“Thank you for your answer to my video put up brother nonetheless most importantly thank you for your honesty and your transparency and your answer. The reality that we also can very properly be on varied sides of the fence with this or contain varied opinions nonetheless still remain respectful and truly address the matter at hand and never attempt to deflect that makes a mountainous assertion. Now you stated, “nah we attain the total lot lol,” implying that you just would also very properly be the face of penal complex reform and you would still be glorifying cancel internal of your song and you stated I’ve been rapping this vogue since before i became the face of penal complex reform ya’ll forgot that snappy, no fam, we didn’t omit that snappy  nonetheless through watching your evolution we await seeing you evolve musically as properly because your song still touches and has the capability to empower hundreds of thousands of oldsters, bro. That blueprint its now not confusing or misleading to folks. I do know as an artist you would also very properly be thinking, nonetheless man what if i lose a few of my fans when i’m making that change because they love me for the feeble stuff, belief me brother anybody that you just lose when turning into a better version of your self, that wasn’t of God, and you’re going to be higher thanks to that loss.”

Rick Ross & Jim Jones Chime In

Rick Ross additionally chimed in:

“Lil man whoever you is, unless you feed the kids the place you from for twenty years straight, don’t quiz Rozay, wait unless you about 10,000 bikes, 10,000 trikes, give your complete younger girls who pregnant pampers for Christmas for twenty years straight, don’t quiz Boss. Get that basket off your head so that you just would also divulge clearly lil man, you going viral for talking on niggas name now not residence off of your talent, now not residence off of your gift, scamper viral player off of your knowledge that you just’re sharing.”

In response, Dee1 reiterated declaring:

“Rick ross, to begin with I surely love you brother.” I surely love you too remarkable to now not be comely with you and neutral straight away you’re deflecting. I became talking about your lyrical whine and you talkin’ about turkeys. I’m talking about you as a hip hop OG still glorifying cancel and drug dealing to your song and you talking about turkeys. Bro extra folks are streaming your song than ingesting your turkeys.I’ve been a center college instructor, now I’ma fleshy time hip-hop artist. I’ve helped to give out $100,000 in faculty scholarships for students around this country.”

Jim Jones even granted his response, the place he stated:

“In a right lifestyles, I attain rather a lot for the parents, go out me with the rhetoric about what I attain with my song, I gather money off my song. Don’t instruct me guidelines on how to gather my bucks. You gotta whose names you pointing out out right here, because my tiny cousin would possibly per chance now not love the vogue you mentioned my name, after which he would possibly per chance contain to slap a alarm out your head neutral true because he don’t realize you using my name for status.”

Hip-Hop & The Youth 

Dee1’s dedication to promoting sure messages extends past his song occupation. 

He is a professor at Tufts College and has even written a hip-hop kids’s ebook focusing on anti-bullying known as David Realized His Slingshot.  Dee1’s passion for promoting positivity in the Black neighborhood is evident in his broad work, at the side of ten albums and his most recent starting up, Uno.

Because the dialog surrounding the need for lyrical change in hip-hop continues, it raises extra predominant questions relating to the affect of song on the youthful generation. 

No longer too lengthy prior to now, a viral video of a nine-three hundred and sixty five days-feeble rapper named Lil RT ignited issues relating to the actual and violent whine present in some rap lyrics. Many argue that the genre must still prioritize empowering and sure messages, critically for its younger listeners.

YSL Trial: Prosecutors To Form Case Essentially based mostly On Rap Lyrics

The lyrical whine of hip-hop stays a subject of debate, with artists love Younger Thug dealing with authorized challenges as their lyrics would possibly per chance be mature against them in court. Younger Thug, known for his inviting and gritty lyrics, is right now dealing with a RICO case that puts his art below scrutiny.

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