15+ Food Truck Statistics for 2023 – Aspect motorway Eats Unleashed

Food trucks are monumental autos built for meals processing and repair at a specified space. Customers of loads of pocket sizes now procure pleasure from drinking from meals trucks as fragment of their urban every day life. Honest no longer too long previously, the meals truck industry has confirmed undeniable immediate exclaim globally. From 2018 to 2023, alternate exclaim in the meals truck industry averaged 9.9%.

Low-earnings and heart-earnings earners are frequent patrons of meals truck companies. About 63% of of us are fashioned meals truck customers, with many worldwide meals trend enthusiasts. Also, many meals truck customers are in all probability disposable earnings earners. These meals truck statistics are no longer true for assessment, but also most up-to-date a sense of the scale and potential beneficial properties of the industry. These statistics will conceal earnings figures, market size, and industry trends. Let’s procure started.

Necessary Food Truck Statistics

Necessary Food Truck Statistics

  • 9.9% annual exclaim experienced in the meals truck Enterprise.
  • The World Food Truck Market Dimension in 2022 is estimated at $5.01 billion.
  •  The US has around 36,324 meals truck companies in 2023.
  • California has 883 meals truck companies in the US in 2023.
  • Portland, Oregon, is the easiest city to attach a meals truck alternate.
  • A median of $250,000-$500,000 annual earnings is generated from the meals truck alternate.
  • 34% of meals truck alternate house owners and chefs explore novel dishes.
  • 80% of meals truck customers patronize meals trucks on legend of their experience. 
  • The US meals industry’s entire earnings will exceed $2 billion by 2030.

2023 Significant Food Truck Statistics

Significant Food Truck Statistics

1. World Food Truck Market Dimension is Valued At $5.01 Billion in 2022.

In accordance to the Customized Market Insights recount, the scale of the meals truck market can be approximately $5.01 billion in 2022. The recount published the truck market will hit $5.26 billion by the discontinue of 2023 and 7.55 billion in 2032 at a CAGR of 6.2%. On the different hand, the actualization of the prediction is dependent on sure exclaim components be pleased customer trends, regulatory environment, and a few financial components.

2. The Market Dimension of Food trucks in the US in 2022 is Estimated At $1,486.6 Billion.

The market size of 35,512 meals trucking companies in the US is estimated to be $1.Forty eight billion in 2022. The market experienced a significant exclaim of 3.4% from 2021’s $1.162 billion fableThe earnings forecast is anticipated to hit $2.04 billion in 2030 with a compound annual exclaim rate of 6.4%.

3. About 36,324 Food Truck Companies in the US in 2023.

The entire number of meals truck companies in the US in 2023 is estimated to be 36,324, indicating a 9.9% exclaim from 2022. The fable for the meals truck alternate in the US in 2022 used to be 35,512 and 32,287 in 2021, increasing by 12.5%. Throwback to 2011, there weren’t as many meals truck companies as in the US in 2023. There maintain been 8,677 meals trucks in 2011, true about 23.9% of 2023’s fable.

4. The Food Truck Enterprise has Skilled Significant Annual Development of 9.9%.

The meals truck alternate has increased by 9.9% after the pandemic. Presumably the pandemic influenced the industry’s exclaim, but the meals processing and repair quality maintain preserved it. Forward of the pandemic, the moderate yearly exclaim rate used to be 4.9%, which increased in a while to 9.9%. It’s miles anticipated that the meals truck market will experience exclaim at the identical high-tail every three hundred and sixty five days for the next 5 years.

5. The US Food Truck Enterprise’s Total Income in the US is Predicted to Exceed $2 Billion By 2030.

In accordance to records from Huge Stare Analysis, the entire earnings for meals trucks is anticipated to hit $2 billion in 2030. The recount expects the industry to amass $2 billion in earnings with a compound annual exclaim rate of 6.4% from 2022 to 2023.

6. The Food Truck Enterprise Records Over 40,000 Workers.

Statistics demonstrate the meals truck alternate owner employs an moderate of 1.2 of us, including the owner. This implies most meals truck house owners operate the alternate on my own and barely employ workers attributable to the little workspace. Lately, some records has published that about 40,547 of us are employed in the meals truck industry. The industry hopes to lengthen its employees because it keeps rising every day.

7. Employment Price in the Food Truck Enterprise Elevated By 6.5% in 2022.

The meals truck industry has experienced a predominant elevate in employment rates as of late. Between 2017 and 2022, the fashioned employment rate hit 10.2%. The US meals truck industry recorded a team of 40,547 as of January 2022, which indicated a 6.5% elevate from 2021. The global meals truck industry grew by 13.7% between 2017 and 2022.

Food Truck Statistics by Country

Food Truck Statistics by Country

8. The Replacement of Food Trucks Doubled in 2022 When put next to Six Years Ago in the Netherlands. 

In 2022, the number of meals trucks in the Netherlands doubled the fable in 2017. The entire number of registered meals trucks in the Netherlands in 2017 used to be barely 1,200, but this can develop to about 2,500 in 2022.

9. Portland, Oregon, is the Most attention-grabbing Metropolis to Predicament Up a Food Truck Enterprise.

Food truck alternate setup might perhaps well moreover be expensive attributable to the price of the truck, space payments, and permits. Portland is one city with the least fee to attach a meals truck and an moderate yearly allow of $7,287. This city is belief of because the wonderful on legend of its low originate up-up and allow fee, which is, on moderate, more affordable than other states. Indianapolis has the bottom setup fee, which is around $590. Completely different cities known for meals truck provider embody Denver, Orlando, Philadelphia, Houston, etc.

10. Boston is the Metropolis With the Least Replacement of Food Trucks.

Developing a meals truck alternate might perhaps well moreover be no longer easy in Boston attributable to the difficulty of getting permits. Boston is rated low when it involves high fee and high upkeep of meals trucks. On the different hand, Boston, Washington D.C., and San Francisco maintain the most costly setup charges. The fashioned allow fee in Boston might perhaps well moreover be around $1,864, and the price of a meals truck can quantity to $17,066.

11. California Has the Best Replacement of Food Truck Companies in the US (883).

Curiously, California has the wonderful fable of 883 meals trucks, with Texas having a fable of 774 meals trucks. Florida takes third station with a fable of 725 meals truck companies.

Food Truck Demographics Statistics

Food Truck Demographics Statistics

12. 43% of Heart-Class Millennials Bear the Greatest Buyer Class for Food Truck.

Other folks frail between 25 and 44 years eat mainly from meals trucks and legend for 43% of meals truck gross sales. This neighborhood eats truck meals because they’ve supportive funds, whereas the 18-24 age neighborhood accounts for entirely 20% of meals truck gross sales. The meals truck market in the US targets heart-class customers frail between 25 and 44 years but does no longer exclude other age groups. Right here is because this demographic values the comfort the industry offers and their tendency to maintain disposable earnings. Moreover, the most crucial target of this age neighborhood might perhaps well moreover be attributed to their activeness on social media. Particularly, meals truck areas might perhaps well moreover be explored online and belief of as an risk for getting meals.

13. Burger is the Most Supplied Junk in Food Trucks.

With the diversity of meals alternatives on the menu from the meals truck, the burger is the most neatly-most trendy meals sold from the meals menu. That is liable to be attributable to its low fee and how appealing they seem to customers. One more motive customers build in mind burgers is on legend of their various flavors. Indian avenue meals is one other renowned meals truck, adopted by stone-baked pizza and loaded fries.

14.  60% of Food Truck Companies Fail After Three Years of Operation.

Approximately 60% of meals truck companies fail after a pair of years for sure causes. One predominant spark off of such failures is the dearth of traditional alternate requirements be pleased a alternate conception. Whereas so many meals truck companies fail, about 40% dwell operational after three years. This share provides up to the $1.2 billion in earnings generated each three hundred and sixty five days. Food truck companies are more affordable to originate up in some areas, but the success rate might perhaps well no longer be appreciating. On the different hand, in the US, the fashioned success rate of the meals truck alternate is 55%, which is correct news.

15. Food Truck Enterprise Generates An Sensible of $250,000-$500,000 Annual Income.

Some statistical records shows that an moderate investment of $100 in a meals truck alternate will yield between $250,000 and $500,000 in annual earnings. This alternate is lucrative counting on the gap, quantity invested, and meals forms on the menu. If the alternate is situated in a correct space, it can be triumphant with a $500,000 yearly earnings. On the different hand, even with the ethical space and menu, you wish achieve that the earnings generated isn’t the identical as earnings.

16. 34% of Food Truck Enterprise House owners and Chefs Trade Their Menus On a fashioned foundation.

Exploring a novel menu is a norm for meals truck alternate house owners because creating a menu isn’t that uncomplicated. It’s seemingly you’ll maybe well ought to be a passionate chef to have the choice to preserve a menu, as you would love to examine out novel dishes. Some records shows about 34% of meals truck alternate house owners continuously switch their menu or some fragment of it. One way or the opposite, this is liable to be influenced by a switch in the taste of their customers to preserve the alternate appealing.

Some mobile meals truck operators construct no longer test out novel menu alternatives. 34% of meals truck house owners, who might perhaps well seemingly be chefs or fascinated with cooking, test out novel dishes. On the different hand, 11% of meals truck house owners admit no longer experimenting with novel menus, whereas 26% are driven by the “the sky is the limit” mindset.

18. 80% of Food Truck Customers Remain True Due to Their Experience.

Drawn from a gaze utilized on meals truck customers, 80% of interviewees attested to eating at meals trucks for the experience. These of us claimed their experience at meals trucks used to be either stress-free, unprecedented, appealing, or novelAbout 43% talked about the meals quality used to be comely, and Forty eight% talked about the meals used to be correct. Some talked about they enjoyed the comfort of the meals trucks, whereas some talked about they enjoyed meals trucks on legend of the immediate provider. Out of everybody interviewed, about 92% maintain been happy with meals truck companies and would continue drinking meals at meals trucks.

19. An Estimated 30% of Immigrants Are Food Truck House owners in the US.

The meals truck alternate, as earlier established, is one of many many lucrative companies on this planet. Most meals truck house owners challenge into the alternate on legend of their ardour for cooking or because they are professional chefs. The meals truck industry is one industry that’s easy to dive into as long as you’ve got the money to make investments. 30% of immigrants make investments on this alternate for this spark off. Some meals truck alternate house owners build in mind the alternate as a broken-down restaurant all the map through the premises. Moreover, a meals truck alternate is a low fee solution to procure thinking the meals industry and allow you to elevate capital to tear a restaurant.

Steps to Initiating a Food Truck Enterprise

Steps to Initiating a Food Truck Enterprise

Initiating your procure meals truck alternate might perhaps well moreover be spell binding, but it surely might perhaps well no longer be easy because it requires laborious work. Below are a few things you wish construct to tear a successful meals truck alternate. 

Get a Truck

To tear a successful meals truck alternate, the first ingredient to build in mind is a correct truck. A meals truck alternate can not tear with out a meals truck, either a novel one or a fairly-worn risk.

It’s seemingly you’ll maybe well ought to ingredient in who would tear the alternate, how vital meals needs to be stocked, and other vital companies. With these, you are going to have the choice to make a resolution how many trucks you’d need and whether or now to no longer amass a novel one or refurbish a fairly-worn one. You are one step forward after efficiently shopping a truck; hence, proceed to the next.

Compose Wanted Permits for the Truck Enterprise

As soon as the truck is set, the next ingredient is to procure Food Truck Permits. Relying on the gap, the fee of registering the truck can fluctuate. On the different hand, unprejudiced inquiries can support the fee to procure financial choices in the truck alternate. 

Initiating the truck alternate might perhaps well require extra funding, and a correct station to ogle financial support is your bank. Aside from the bank, there are other financial locations to source for financial relieve or loans along with your alternate conception. 

Keep in mind the demography and what extra or much less dishes they crave extra and embody them on your menu. Compose an comely menu with the working out gathered and attempt to coach the loads of dishes earlier than introducing them to the menu. A twist in the recipe obtained’t be a frightening belief as this could maybe well well preserve your customers or elevate their hobby.

Cook dinner the Food or Hire a Chef

After creating a menu, the next ingredient to build in mind is who would cook. It’s seemingly you’ll maybe well deserve to rent a chef or cook the meals your self for individuals who’ve got a cooking ardour. By hiring a chef, make sure the truck can comprise you and your chef to cease a long way from going in one one more’s formulation.

Trusty a Trusty Assign

After every thing is in say, getting a correct station to station your meals truck is terribly vital. A deep price into the set apart to mount your meals truck and checking to gaze if there are meals trucks around is vital. 

If there’s no other truck, you are going to have the choice to dominate the gap. If yes, price at their menu to gaze if they offer the identical dishes as yours. Having the identical dishes because the different meals truck house owners leaves you in competition, and the alternate might perhaps well no longer attempt for achievement.


The statistics introduced some insights into the meals truck alternate. Beforehand, mobile meals companies maintain been a high-threat and high-investment alternate with limited earnings assurance. This isn’t the case on this trendy generation because it requires fewer dangers and never more capital to originate up, except for for high allow payments. The meals truck alternate has change into extra versatile and mobile and even on hand online for high-potential patronage. Trusty space and quality investment quantity are a pair of components that prefer the success rate of a meals truck alternate.

Some requirements for a meals truck alternate are a alternate conception, talents, getting a truck, allow payments, and no longer violating the limitations. The meals truck industry hopes to construct healthy meals merchandise and create monumental spaces to accommodate many customers. By this, the industry will lengthen, elevate its team, and experience exclaim in its annual earnings. 


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