Overwatch 2 gamers retain getting frozen in blueprint on Colosseo

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“It is going to aloof be a moderately not recent effort.”

Screenshot of a spherical in Overwatch 2
Image credit score: Blizzard Leisure

Overwatch 2 gamers fill found a outlandish bug that if truth be told traps gamers against an invisible wall, stopping them from appealing and leaving them exposed to competitors.

The trouble – which has been around for some time now – essentially affects gamers on the Colosseo diagram, and sees gamers safe trapped. Without the lend a hand of characters handle Lifeweaver of Mei’s circulation abilities to bump them out of blueprint, they are going to cease trapped, too.

Overwatch 2 – Mauga gameplay present.

Despite many gamers reporting they’ve also been stuck on this right residing as a myriad of diversified gamers, it doesn’t glimpse handle Blizzard’s yet been ready to handle the subject.

“I’ve viewed that remark residing posted on this sub four times, and I’m no longer all that energetic in checking. It is going to aloof be a moderately not recent effort,” acknowledged one player.

“I’ve gotten stuck there as Moira!” confirmed yet every other (thanks, GameRant). “It came about in the direction of the conclude of my comp match. I was as soon as so inflamed lol.”

My friend purchased stuck on this 1 pixel in Colosseos in some unspecified time in the future of comepetitive.
byu/Acceptable-Dress-794 inOverwatch

Blizzard kicked off its BlizzCon opening ceremony with a diminutive of an Overwatch 2 blowout, including a reward for the sequence’ thirty ninth hero, chaingun-wielding tank Mauga.

Mauga’s announcement wasn’t, admittedly, worthy of a shock, given he inadvertently purchased a pre-present unveiling on Change’s eShop recordsdata channel, but as viewed in his present trailer, Mauga – that technique “mountain” in Samoan – is armed with two chainguns: affectionately most ceaselessly known as Gunny and Cha-Cha.

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