Tekken 8 gets the series’ first French fighter in Victor Chevalier

The Tekken series is getting its first French fighter, as Victor Chevalier is joining the Tekken 8 roster alongside a brand fresh Paris-themed stage.

Announced on Thursday, game director and chief producer Katsuhiro Harada added context for the persona on social media.

“Victor is of route the first French fighter for the TEKKEN franchise,” acknowledged Harada. “I of route earn had the opinion that of a French persona in my solutions for a extremely lengthy time and it at closing came to fruition. As a consequence of Vincent Cassel for bright me and for voicing him. And the stage is Paris itself, where I took my first Seine River cruise over Two decades previously.”

Oui, oui, oui!

As Harada successfully-known, Chevalier is voiced by French actor Vincent Cassel (Shadowy Swan, La Haine). Victor Chevalier uses a blade, knife, and pistol as his weaponry. He also teleports all the contrivance in which by means of the cloak as he slashes his opponents. Bandai Namco is aware of how one can abolish older males see badass (consider Leroy Smith?).

The trailer also parts out that Victor has a ancient previous with Raven, announcing to him, “You’ve gotten gorgeous correct, Raven.”

The Tekken 8 Paris stage facets the Eiffel Tower
Screenshot by means of Bandai Namco Europe’s YouTube channel

A brand fresh stage save in Paris for the Tekken 8 Victor persona

In this fresh Tekken 8 trailer, we behold the accelerate taking quandary on a boat shifting all the contrivance in which by means of the river Seine. Harada acknowledged he took his first Seine River cruise over Two decades previously, bright this stage to reach to lifestyles in game.

As you fight with Victor and change Tekken 8 fighters on the Paris stage, you’ll behold the sights admire the Eifel Tower in the background. Confidently, there’s a heart of the evening allotment for the final spherical, in which it flickers in gold lights—though there wasn’t a hint towards that in the trailer.

It’s attention-grabbing that Tekken 8 has a Paris-themed stage due to Avenue Fighter 6 has one too, save nearer to the Eiffel Tower at some stage in a competition. It have to be a correct time for virtual brawling in France. Nonetheless, Tekken 8 releases on January 26 for the PS5, Xbox Assortment X, Xbox Assortment S, and PC.

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