Goodie Mob Dives Deep: The Suppose Of Hip-Hop, Sampling, and Drake & MJ Comparisons

Goodie Mob recently sat down with SOHH to focus on diversified aspects of the song industry. Khujo Goodie, Gipp, and T-Mo delved into subject matters equivalent to the reveal of the in type hip-hop world, the art work of hip-hop sampling, and the affect of Drake‘s success. In this uncommon interview, the contributors shared their perspectives on the dearth of substance in hip-hop and the comparison between Drizzy and Michael Jackson regarding gross sales. 



The Lack Of Depth In Hip-Hop

During a sit down with SOHH, the Goodie Mob neighborhood contributors shared their insights on the perceived lack of depth in hip-hop and the comparisons drawn between Drizzy and Michael Jackson regarding gross sales. As of late, Juicy J sparked discussion of rap gross sales declining by 40% now, the place Wallo 267 joined and agreed, allowing hip-hop fans to talk regarding the reveal of the sort additional. 

Because the conversation went on with Goodie Mob regarding declining rap gross sales, Khujo Goodie granted his lift on the topic. Khujo expressed his trouble regarding the crude focal level on “unnecessary” converse. He acknowledged:

“It’s too unparalleled unnecessary stuff going down.” T-Mo additional added, “It’s the same thing lend a hand to lend a hand, coming from each route. So it’s ratified [the] same materials.”

Drake Vs. Michael Jackson

When asked about Drake’s success and his comparison to the unhurried Michael Jackson by strategy of gross sales as the Canadian artist launched into surpassing the King of Pop for many No. 1 hits on Billboard 100 by a male solo artist, Gipp and Khujo Goodie acknowledged the validity of the comparison. Gipp emphasized:

“That boy has stayed constantly hot since he came out. Admire, I haven’t seen it in my occupation. No person has stayed hot admire Drake for ten years straight, but if you imagine it, he attacked the dwelling that all americans left vacant.”

Khujo shared his standpoint when asked about comparing bodily album gross sales to streams, expressing:

“In my notion, you would possibly perhaps well perhaps also. On memoir of it’s a full arrangement that they’re the dispute of now, but you’re serene provocative product; but it’s cyber product that you just’re provocative.” He persevered by acknowledging the similarities within the concepts feeble, citing, “He’s been doing the sh*t Mike has been doing, making hits and popping out with the new stuff, and making americans wanna be admire him.” Khujo concluded by asserting that it is miles indeed a “handsome comparison.”

The iconic Atlanta rap neighborhood also touched upon the topic of hip-hop sampling. Gipp expressed that sampling is also commended for the “fashioned artists,” whereas citing Teddy Riley and Michael Jackson as examples of artists who comprise benefited from sampling. 

The neighborhood identified the importance of giving credit and compensation to the creators of the recent works.

In addition, the contributors mentioned the impact of a 360 deal within the song industry. Gipp highlighted the pitfalls of such provides, the place artists relinquish control over their image, state, and merchandise. 

He also shared advice they bought from Curtis Mayfield, reflecting on their first album created at Mayfield’s dwelling, Soul Meals. Gipp recalled Mayfield telling the neighborhood:

“By no technique promote your publishing, you never promote your publishing till you would possibly perhaps well perhaps even be about to head and retire.”

Goodie Mob Discuss Travis Scott

Moreover, Gipp highlighted the impact when Travis Scott featured Goodie Mob on his AstroWorld album in 2018, particularly the discover “5% TINT,” which sampled Goodie Mob’s 1995 song “Cell Remedy.” Gipp eminent:

“When Travis Scott feeble Goodie Mob, the album sold hundreds and hundreds of recordsdata, Goodie Mob got that money, and now not publishing company, now not somebody I don’t know.” 

Khujo Goodie chimed in announcing:

“Among the predominant document labels, they private the streaming platforms, so they already in on it. You comprise four or five in on it, so they getting that bread.”

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In a identical vein, SOHH also had the opportunity to talk with Soulja Boy. The rapper mentioned his influential role in hip-hop, his entrepreneurial ventures, and his legacy.

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